Nutty yet citrusy scent




An intense moisturizer that is quickly absorbed by the hair and skin for quick and effective results.

Commonly known as “liquid gold”, Argan Oil is native to Morocco and is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. For hundreds of years, the natives of the argan woodlands have pressed the kernels to obtain the precious oil for treating wounds, relieving rashes and nourishing the hair and skin. The slow growing trees were so precious that in 1998, UNESCO declared the argan forest a biosphere reserve.


Intensely nourishes the skin while providing oil control

Aids acne prone skin and inflammation

Visibly improves aging skin by diminishing wrinkles and fine lines

Revitalizes dry hair and provides instant shine


Dab lightly and massage onto face as a moisturizer or a makeup base. Apply onto the ends of your hair for shine and to seal split ends. Argan Oil can be used by itself or as a carrier oil.