Gya Labs™ [ˈɡeɪə] [læbs]

Inspired by nature, backed by science.

Inspired by the purity and abundant therapeutic benefits of plants and the lushness of nature herself, Gya Labs™ was born.

The name Gya Labs™ is a derivative tribute to the two fundamental origins and multi-disciplinary fields of how and why Gya Labs™ was conceived - born out of the bountiful inspiration that Mother Nature or Gaia (the ancient Greek goddess of Earth) provides, and harvested and brought to you using scientific and technological advances that today’s world offers.

Journey from Natural Farms to Your Home

Each step matters. The journey of each of our products begins on farms and orchards flung across different continents of the globe. We work closely with the farmers to cultivate and select the best raw materials to produce the finest choice of active ingredients.

To ensure that only the best properties in the ingredients we use reach you, we are meticulous in our lab tests and extraction techniques. It is our pride and joy in safeguarding its natural potency and that its therapeutic benefits are captured. Extraction processes vary for different plants to yield pure essential oils and hydrosols, from cold press to distillation, and for the various plants, different parts are selected to bring out the freshest and best to you. The joy in bottling and packaging each of our products with the best properties of essential and fragrance oils and hydrosols is our commitment to you.

100% Natural & Pure

All this - while revering the various inherent properties that each essential oil and hydrosol contains and adhering to our rule of only 100% natural and pure from our great Mother Earth. Based on the experience and understanding that potency, aroma and qualities of a single species of plant has variations in different regions even in the same country, we carefully select the farms that we work with. Each plant is selected at its best seasonal and harvesting cycles. Undiluted and pure is key to all our products.

How We Began

A series of ideas that bounced back and forth, hopes for a greater social good and impact where a healthier lifestyle for everyone is possible, a deep yearning of bringing quality therapeutic and natural products to a greater number of people worldwide, and our constant search for the sometimes seemingly elusive best properties and scents of plant and herb extracts all over the world. All these gave birth to Gya Labs™.

Tapping into our collective industry experience and domain knowledge of essential oils, hydrosols, fragrances and natural products, coupled with our years of friendships and working partnerships with the carefully selected distillery partners and green farms, we seek to deliver an unboxing experience of high quality natural products for the discerning clientele.

The Gya Labs™ Team

We are a team of passionate biochemists, researchers, perfumists, aromatherapists, designers and nature lovers, driven by a green conscience. We favour natural anytime, bringing healing ingredients specially curated from various corners of the globe. Mastery of our craft becomes our lifelong pursuit. We only work with natural ingredients not because it is in vogue or a fad, but driven by our strong beliefs in the therapeutic benefits that nature offers.

Gya Labs offers a great range of natural products comprising of 100% natural ingredients at premium quality. By utilizing perpetual innovative technologies in our extraction methods as well as meticulous sourcing of raw ingredients bestowed upon us by Mother Nature, we committed ourselves to deliver amazing health and beauty products for your daily lifestyles.

Keen to explore potential business opportunities with Gya Labs or interested to become one of our leading distributors in your region? Our company also offer the distributorship services in the field of indoor fragrancing products, feel free to reach out to us here and we will get back to you at soonest possible!