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Cistus Oil

Essential Oil
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Cistus Oil
Essential Oil
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Cistus or Cistus ladanifer is a perennial flowering plant largely found in the European nations of France, Morocco, Portugal and Spain. It has a sweet fragrance that is used in perfumery and cosmetics. It is popularly used in aromatherapy because of its balancing and grounding nature.

  • It is used in manufacturing perfumes and cosmetics.
  • It can be used in candle making.
  • You can diffuse a few drops of this oil for better relaxation.
  • It can be used for calmness.
  • It improves the overall yoga experience.
  • It can be used for a better lifestyle.
  • It promotes health.
Main Constituents

Epi-13- manoyl oxide, kaur-16-ene and nonanal.

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How To Use Cistus Essential oil

Despite the fact that cistus essential oil is not one of the most widely used therapeutic oils, it offers a wide range of healing capabilities that may help everyone. Here are few of it's uses:


Cistus Essential Oil Uses

Cistus is one of the oldest spiritual oils, with a long history of usage in incense as a relaxation and centering aid. Here are some more ways to use it:

Cistus Essential oil Blends With

Cistus Essential oil Blends With

Cistus oil blends well with Clary sage, cypress, oakmoss, lavender, patchouli, chamomile and juniper essential oils.

Cistus Oil Extracted

Cistus Oil Extracted

Cistus essential oil is extracted from cistus flowers either through steam distillation or solvent extraction process. Cistus is a blooming perennial plant found in France, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Cistus Essential Oil is extracted by steam distilling dried blooming plants and has a sweet, honey-like aroma.

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