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Essential Oil
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Essential Oil

A woody, warm and balsamic remedy for aches, coughs and colds. Cistus oil is also used to firm and brighten complexions.

Key Benefits

  • Eases muscle aches
  • Firms & brightens the skin
  • Treats colds & coughs

Scent Profile
Balsamic & woody

About This Product
About This Product Image

Cistus Essential Oil

A flowering plant native to the Mediterranean, Cistus has been long used throughout ancient times as an incense in spiritual ceremonies. Its deeply calming aroma greatly benefits the mind during meditation.

This pain-relieving oil comes in handy during massages to ease sore muscles. It also firms and brightens up complexions to give your skin that supple, glowy look. When inhaled, it is a great remedy for colds and coughs to improve respiratory health.

Key Benefits

  • Relieves muscle aches
  • Firms & brightens the skin
  • Eases colds & coughs
  • Promotes healing of wounds, cuts and scrapes
  • Calms mind from stress and anxiety
  • Helps prevent infections & reduce inflammation

Scent Profile
Balsamic & woody

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What's Inside
Key Ingredients


pure cistus essential oil

Eases muscle pain, firms and brightens the skin & treats breathing discomforts

Family Name

Cistus Ladanifer

Country of Origin


Extracted From

Dried Cistus leaves

Extracting Method

Steam Distillation

How To Use
use cistus essential oil for massage
Dilute For Massage

Dilute with skin-friendly carrier oils. Gently massage to soothe stiff and aching muscles.

use cistus oil with carrier oils for for supple and dewy skin
Skincare Products

Mix a few drops into carrier oils. Apply topically for supple and dewy skin.

use cistus essential oil in aroma diffuser
Aroma Diffusers

Add 2-3 drops into diffusers to relieve respiratory discomforts.

Frequently Asked Questions
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