Where are Gya Labs products made?

All products are produced in facilities that are GMP, ISO9001 & FDA registered.

Any animal-testing in the making of Gya Labs products?

No, we do no support animal testing. All our products are derived from natural ingredients and cruelty free.

Are Gya Labs products safe?

We use pesticide-free ingredients and wild gather whichever more appropriate for production.

Essential Oil

What are Essential Oils (E.O.)?

Essential oils are concentrated forms of oil derived from flower, leaves, stems, barks, roots and other parts of plants through distillation and or by cold-pressing process. The extraction process leads to a highly concentrated oil, which have the healing properties and scent of the plant.

What is the difference between an Essential Oil and a Fragrance Oil?

Essential oils are pure plant based extracts used primarily for scenting and healing such as aromatherapy or treatment of skin conditions. On the oppose, fragrance oils are usually part synthetically made, an aromatic chemical compound that has no healing properties but is primarily used for scenting in lifestyle related goods such as skincare products, cosmetics, perfumes, candles and soap.

How are Gya Labs Essential Oils extracted?

Extraction process varies depending on plant by steam distillation, CO2 extraction and or by cold-pressing. 

Are Gya Labs essential oils organic?

All our essential oils are sourced from the origin farm from all over the world ensuring purity. Gya Labs produce organic oils but due to the reach of our supply chain we are not certified yet.

Are there any solvents in Gya Labs essential oils?

All our essential oils are 100% pure and natural, undiluted with no fillers, bases or additives.

How do I dispense the Gya Labs essential oil from bottle?

Every Gya Labs essential oil bottle comes with a stopper cap that controls the flow/drip of the oil. To dispense, tip the bottle at a 45 degree angle and wait 2-3 seconds. The speed of dripping based on the density of the oil.

Can I consume Gya Labs Essential Oils?

Essential oils from Gya Labs are strictly for EXTERNAL use only.

Are essential oils safe for pregnancy?

It is advisable to consult your physician before use during pregnancy. Keep out of reach from infants and children.

What should I be aware of when using essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids and is not recommended to apply directly to skin in undiluted form. It is advisable to do a skin patch test for every new purchased oils as every individual has different reactions against essential oils. Citrusy essential oils such as lemon is phototoxic and can cause irritation and inflammation when exposed to sunlight. Please read the label on each individual bottle carefully before usage.

What should I do if there’s allergy reaction to my skin?

If you feel any signs of irritation or inflammation upon application, dilute the area with carrier oil. Rub it directly on the affected areas and wash it away with soap and water. If symptoms persist, consult your practitioner immediately.

Can I use essential oil to ward off flu and cough?

Yes. Some essential oils have antiviral and antibacterial properties such as tea tree and eucalyptus that aids immune system on combating infections. For maximum usage, diffuse our essential oils with a Gya Labs TABLETOP DIFFUSER and inhale deeply.

Does essential oil ever expire or go bad? How do I keep it from going rancid?

Every essential oil has a shelf life. Due to its volatile nature, the oils may oxidize or deteriorate without proper storage. Recommended to store them in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Carrier Oils

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils are natural plant based extracts usually derived from a vegetable or nut source used to dilute essential oils and absolutes before they are applied to skin in massage and aromatherapy. Due to the high volatility nature of essential oils it is recommended to dilute them before topical application. The most common dilution ratio is 2 drops of essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil of your choice. 

Any restrictions on choosing carrier oil?

No. However each carrier oil carries different therapeutic properties and choice of carrier oil will depend on the presenting application and specific requirements used for.  

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