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Essential Oil
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Essential Oil

An earthy, woody and invigorating spice that’ll sharpen your mind and center the senses. You’ll be calm, collected and on the ball.

Key Benefits

  • Sharpens focus
  • Improves memory
  • Calms the mind

Scent Profile
Earthy, woody & spicy

About This Product
About This Product Image

Calamus Essential Oil

A plant with ancient origins dating back to 1300BC, Calamus has since been popularized in traditional Chinese and Indian remedies for treating memory disorders and improving learning performance.

Boost your workdays with the grounding scent of Calamus. Known for its ability to help boost mental clarity, this oil will help improve memory and calm the mind so you are ready to make the most of every day.

Key Benefits

  • Sharpens focus
  • Improves memory
  • Calms the mind
  • Promotes peaceful sleep
  • Relieves bodily pain & swelling
  • Uplifts positive moods

Scent Profile
Earthy, woody & spicy

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  • What's Inside
  • How to use
What's Inside
Key Ingredients


pure calamus essential oil

Sharpens Focus, improves memory & calms the mind 

Family Name

Acorus Calamus

Country of Origin


Extracted From

Calamus Roots

Extracting Method

Steam Distillation

How To Use
use calamus essential oil in aroma diffuser
Aroma Diffuser

Add 2-3 drops into diffusers to uplift mind, energize moods and boost focus.

use calamus essential oil for massage onto temples or chest for head-soothing benefits
Dilute For Topical Use

Dilute with carrier oils & massage onto temples or chest for head-soothing benefits.

use calamus essential oil on pillow for health-boosting benefits overnight
Pillows & Linens

Add a few drops onto bed to enjoy peace-bringing & health-boosting benefits overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is aromatherapy and its benefits?

Aromatherapy relies on the therapeutic properties of natural aromatics to boost your physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. 


There’s no magical mumbo jumbo! It uses essential oils from natural plants, which contain many super nutrients—like antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and other properties—to boost your health.


What is aromatherapy used for?

At Gya Labs, we believe that scents have the power to transform your day. After all, when you smell something good, you feel good. Aromatherapy has been known to promote relaxation and help relieve stress. It’s also been used for a range of physical & mental challenges, including burns, infections, depression, insomnia, and high blood pressure.



What are the best Aromatherapy Essential Oils

People tend to swoon over relaxing Lavender Essential Oil, or sensual Vanilla Essential Oil. What’s not to love! These natural aromatics tap into emotions and have strong boosting properties. Our customers have told us their favourites, and we’ve compiled them for you: 


  1. Ginger Essential Oil
  2. Lavender Essential Oil
  3. Myrrh Essential Oil
  4. Patchouli Essential Oil
  5. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
  6. Rose Geranium Essential Oil
  7. Rose Otto Essential Oil
  8. Sandalwood Essential Oil
  9. Vanilla Essential Oil
  10. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
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