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Tea Tree
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A popular antibacterial, Tea Tree Essential Oil is a potent cleanser used to combat troubled skin & bacteria in the air.

Key Benefits

  • Clears breakouts
  • Purifies the air
  • Moisturizes scalps

Scent Profile
Leafy & herbaceous

Tea Tree
Essential Oil
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About This Product
How To Use
Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Tea Tree Essential Oil?

The easiest way to release Tea Tree Essential Oil’s aromatic benefits is through a diffuser, humidifier or on a candle top. Mixing it with a Carrier Oil is the best way to “carry” its benefits to your skin, body and hair! Get creative and add it to clothes and linens or mix them into other solutions for their uplifting properties.


What is Tea Tree Essential Oil good for and used for?

Tea Tree Essential Oil is rich in antiviral & antimicrobial properties and used popularly for cleansing acne or impurities. It also sanitizes wounds and purifies home air from odors.


Can Tea Tree Essential Oil be used for bug bites & burns?

Tea Tree Essential Oil is famous for its antiviral, anti-pain, anti-swelling, and anti-itching qualities. This makes a great ally for soothing bug bite discomforts, or sanitizing wounds from aggravating bacteria and infections.


Can Tea Tree Essential oil be used to prevent colds & flu?

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a strong antibacterial that makes it great for cleansing bacteria and impurities from the air to keep your inner defenses ready to colds & flus away.


Is Tea Tree Essential Oil good for treating acne?

Tea Tree Essential Oil’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for cleansing acne-prone skin and soothing your skin for all-day comfort.

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