Radiating an aroma of middle to top notes with herbaceous, light and clear refreshing with traces of balsamic woody backnotes and a lingering sweetness.




This evergreen plant was immensely famous and cost extravagantly.

As the sea breeze cools the golden sands of the Spice Islands in Indonesia, Nutmeg can be found cultivated widely when it was once the rarest spice of all. Prized in medieval times for its uses as a flavouring spice. Nutmeg was commonly used by the Greek and Roman civilisations as a brain tonic, when inhaled Nutmeg’s aromatic essence is potent enough to remove mental exhaustion and stress.

Indulge in a holistic aromatic experience with Gya Labs™ Nutmeg Essential Oil in bath or massage.


When used for massage, nutmeg essential oil relieves muscle pain, swelling while promote circulation.

Its sedative properties pride itself as a natural painkiller, suitable to treat menstrual discomfort when applied topically.

With its sedative and calming effect, nutmeg oil relieves stress and induces quality sleep.

When Gya Labs™ Nutmeg Essential Oil is diffused or inhaled, it acts as a brain tonic improving concentration and memory skills.

The properties contained in nutmeg oil reduces any signs of an aging skin, a natural cosmetic to treat dull and wrinkled skin.


Mix a few drops of Gya Labs™ Nutmeg Essential Oil with other carrier oils to create a blend to apply topically for skin problems.

The mixture of oil blend can be added to a steam bath for a truly aromatic and relaxing session to relieve stress.

To effectively treat muscle aches, mix nutmeg oil with carrier oils for a soothing massage.

Diffuse nutmeg with lavender oil for an uninterrupted good night sleep.