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Guide to Essential Oils for Aroma Diffusers and Aromatherapy

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is about healing yourself both physically and emotionally using natural plant extracts. Sometimes called essential oil therapy, aromatherapy relies on the different scents released by essential oils to improve your mental health, regain focus and more.

How To Use Essential Oils In Diffuser

Diffusers have varying models and usage methods that differ. Here are common diffusers types and how to use your essential oils with them.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

These diffusers spread a fine, scented mist around rooms. Simply blend 5–10 drops of essential oils with water and turn on the diffuser to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

Heat Diffusers

Heat diffusers gently warm up oils to disperse them across the room. Add 3–5 drops of oil and water in the heating “bowl” on top of the diffuser. Then light a candle under the diffuser to begin the warming process.


Nebulizers are made of glass and diffuse by releasing pressurized mist. Simply add 3–4 drops of pure, undiluted essential oils into these diffusers and turn on the diffuser to convert the oil into mist.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers rely on the wind to disperse scents. You’ll need to drip 30–50 drops of oils into the base of these diffusers and place the diffuser outdoors or in a room with good air circulation to ensure the scents will be carried by the wind.

Benefits Of Diffusing Essential Oils

Diffusers are important to elevate your aromatherapy practice. They break down essential oils into smaller molecules and disperse them, allowing you to easily enjoy their benefits. Diffusers make sure that you’re not overwhelmed by the scent of essential oils by dispersing them evenly around the room.

Best Essential Oils For Diffuser

Diffusers allow you to unlock different essential oil combinations. For example, peppermint oil can be mixed with eucalyptus oil to fight headaches with triple its power. It also creates an invigorating fragrance that’s perfect to keep you awake!

Because essential oils are sourced from thousands of different plants, you might struggle to find the right combination. To help you choose, we’ve curated a list of oils for different daily concerns like sleep, stress, studying and more below. You can also explore a wider range of scents here.

Essential Oils For Sleep

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a well-known remedy for troubled sleep. Research shows that it calms the nervous system, helping overworked minds and bodies to relax before turning in.

You can add 2–3 drops of lavender oil onto your pillow to experience sweet slumbers instantly.

Roman Chamomile Oil

Struggling with sleepless nights? Roman chamomile oil has been shown to calm anxiety, making it a good choice to ease worries when you hit the pillow. It also reduces nightmares for undisturbed sleep till the morning. Just a few drops on your pillow will put your mind at ease.

Patchouli Oil

Herbaceous and earthy, patchouli oil grounds your senses as you’re turning in. This therapeutic plant also soothes skin irritation for extra comfort before bedtime. Simply add 5–10 drops into baths to really pamper yourself!

Essential Oils For Studying

Peppermint Oil

Stayed up cramming for exams? Press reset with the minty aroma of peppermint essential oil. Packed with cooling menthol, you can apply a few drops on temples to ease away nasty headaches from those accumulated late nights.

Bergamot Oil

Feeling drained after classes? Refreshing bergamot oil will get you through the day. It energizes the body and mind to get extra-curricular activities or studying done. Pack one of our compact bergamot hydrosols which releases a bright, citrusy scent!

Lemon Oil

Clear brain fog in snap with sharp and zesty lemon oil. Inhale this oil directly if you’re feeling sleepy or need to focus better during classes.

Essential Oils For Focus And Mental Clarity

Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil releases an earthy and calming scent. It has been used in buddhist traditions to enable clear focus during meditation. Diffusing 2–3 drops of Myrrh oil enables you to quiet mental chatter for better mindfulness when you’re on the mat.

Wintergreen Oil

A refreshing, fresh scent, Wintergreen oil is a good choice to restore mental clarity. It also supports easy breathing for cardio exercises like yoga, while covering up body odor with its woody fragrance when used in yoga mat sprays.

Essential Oils For Calming And Relaxation

Vanilla Oil

Vanilla oil has a sweet and creamy scent that evokes nostalgic memories of your favourite baked goods – we’ve yet to find a more comforting scent! Diffuse 5–10 drops around your room to give it the warm, calming ambiance of a bakery.

Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg oil has a familiar scent that reminds you of Christmas. It also relaxes the body and warms you up when applied topically. Just blend 2–3 drops of nutmeg oil with your favourite massage oil and knead away built-up tension.

Rose Otto Oil

Nothing relaxes the mind like this classic rose scent. Rose otto oil transports your senses to Parisian morning markets and brings to mind lovely memories. Diffuse 2–3 drops to release your inhibitions and enjoy romantic nights with your partner.

Essential Oils To Eliminate Odors

Sweet Orange Oil

Bright and refreshing, this tropical oil replaces bad odors with an unforgettable fruity scent. It also improves your daily energy and motivation, making it a great addition to work spaces. Diffuse 2-3 drops around living spaces to freshen the air.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil can mask strong odors from cooking with a sharp, zesty aroma. Spas and hotels worldwide often use scented candles with a lemongrass aroma to freshen up spaces. To cleanse the air and create a luxurious home ambiance, try crafting your own scented candle.

Which Oils Should I Choose For Aromatherapy?

Essential oils are extracted from different kinds of plants, giving them a distinct aroma and yielding different benefits. Oils like sandalwood oil are extracted from wood chips, giving it a rich and woody fragrance that can set a warm home ambiance. Roman chamomile oil is extracted from chamomile flowers and releases soothing, floral notes that can calm anxiety.

Searching for the best scent is really a matter of personal taste.
Here’s a breakdown of essential oils based on aroma and how they can benefit you:

Essential Oils With Citrusy Scents
Essential oils with citrusy scents are mainly extracted from fruits. For example, lemon oil releases a sweet and zesty scent that uplifts the mind. It instantly transports your senses to the Italian orchards where it was cold-pressed from fresh lemon peels! Bergamot and grapefruit oils undergo the same cold-pressing process and release sweet, tangy scents that cheer you up when you’re feeling emotionally drained.

Lesser-known oils like May Chang oil have a more herbaceous aroma. However it’s extracted from leaves that smell like lemon! Instead of boosting your mood like other citrusy oils, it calms the mind, making it a great choice for relaxation.

Essential Oils With Woody And Earthy Scents
Many essential oils are extracted from twigs, tree barks and leaves. Oils like frankincense oil exacted from frankincense bark releases a calming scent that brings inner-peace. It is often paired with myrrh oil for spiritual practices. There is also cedarwood oil with its warm and piney scent to ease mental chatter, making it a good choice for sleep and managing anxiety.

Essential Oils With Floral Scents
There are a wide variety of essential oils that are extracted from flowers. For better sleep, you can inhale calming lavender oil which is extracted from lavender flowers. Oils like rose geranium and egyptian geranium are flower-based oils that clear the mind, release stress and restore focus during spiritual practices like meditation.

To spice up your love life, there are floral scents that act as natural aphrodisiacs. Ylang ylang oil exudes an exotic aroma that awakens the senses, heightening your awareness of your partner’s touch. Other oils like vanilla oleoresin oil exudes a creamy, warm aroma that sets a cosy ambiance for dates when diffused. When used as a personal fragrance, vanilla oil makes you smell irresistible to your partner.

Diffuser Blends And Recipes

We’d encourage you to discover your own favourite blends that’ll fit your lifestyle and self-care needs. If you don’t have a diffuser, no worries! We have some basic blends for sleep, stress and boosted immunity that can be inhaled straight from the bottle.

5 Simple Essential Oil Blends For Diffuser

Diffusers allow you to mix different essential oils together to fit your mood and self-care needs. You can combine oils into a diffuser for different purposes. Here are 5 simple essential oil blends that can help your mental health and emotional wellness.

Anxiety Away Blend

Patchouli and lavender are soothing oils that are proven to reduce anxiety, while bergamot oil can help you regain your self-esteem with its bright, tangy scent.

Panic Relief Blend

Feeling like you’re overwhelmed? Deep breathing with lavender oil is proven to help you breathe smoothly and stop panic attacks. Ylang Ylang oil is a helpful addition, since its exotic scent also eases worries and sadness.

Easy Morning Blend

Chamomile is a comforting oil that’ll help you start the day feeling relaxed. When mixed with sweet orange oil, you’ll feel pleasantly energized while maintaining a calm mind to focus on the things you love.

Energizing Workout Blend

Yoga is a delicate balance of staying focused, while having energy to get into poses. Peppermint oil has an invigorating scent, perfect for waking your body up. Vetiver and petitgrain oils restore a calm headspace, to help you feel grounded throughout your session.

Mood Booster Blend

Everyone feels sad sometimes and that’s okay. Grapefruit and lemon oils are an uplifting combo that helps you reminisce your favourite tropical holidays, while patchouli oil has been proven to ease anxious thoughts, daily worries and stress.

Home Aroma Diffusers For Aromatherapy

Having a diffuser at home can support the wellbeing of your whole family. Depending on the essential oils that you choose, it can calm stress, release tension, promote harmonious relationships and more. Aromatherapy as a simple step towards having a healthier lifestyle, whether you’re looking to love yourself or support your new yoga practice.

Where To Buy An Aroma Diffuser

Shopping for a diffuser can be slightly overwhelming, there are so many models and choices to choose from! Online shopping is a good place to start your research because there’s less pressure to rush into a purchase and you can search for features that you need.

Here’s what you can look out for when choosing a diffuser.

  • Weight: Portable diffusers are the best for self-care retreats, overnight stays etc. A good diffuser allows you to kick back and relax at any time.
  • Noise: A silent diffuser does wonders for your beauty sleep. It can disperse your favourite sleep blends without waking you up!
  • Aesthetics: Diffusers come in all shapes, sizes and designs, so make sure to pick a diffuser that really suits your living space.

Shop online for a diffuser that’ll look great as home decor. Our Gya Labs Nebulizing Diffusers come in classy-looking black, blue, red and gold. They’ll blend seamlessly into any room and fit easily on tabletops with its lightweight materials.

Where To Place Your Diffuser In Your Home

Finding the perfect spot for your diffuser is a bit of an art. You should ideally place it in the center of your room. Here are different spots to place your brand new diffuser.

Kitchen Islands

This allows you to ward off bad odors from cooking, frying or cleaning. Most kitchen islands also have plug points, making it easy to power your diffuser.

Bedside Tables

Diffusing calming scents by your bedside can really support good sleeping habits. You should keep your diffuser away from direct sunlight since it could encourage mold growth!

Coffee Tables

Your coffee table typically sits in the middle of your living area, allowing your whole household to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. To ensure that children or pets don’t knock the diffuser over, place it just out of their reach, away from the edges of the table.

Where To Buy Essential Oils For Aroma Diffusers

Most essential oils are suitable for diffusion. You can find them in any store that sells aromatherapy products. To find pure oils that release a natural scent make sure you shop for 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. Gya Labs single essential oils are all 100% pure for your aromatherapy needs and are conveniently available on our online store.

Recommended Essential Oil Products

Shop our 100% pure essential oils that are suitable for aromatherapy. You can choose from earthy and woody scents to floral and herbaceous. They also help with stress relief, sleep, migraines and other everyday concerns.

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