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Cedarwood Oil

Essential Oil
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Cedarwood Oil
Essential Oil
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Cedarwood essential oil is obtained from cedrus or cedar, the coniferous trees of the family Pinaceae. Cedar trees are often confused with another coniferous tree, juniper. There are different cedar trees from which the essential oil is obtained, but the oil from Cedrus atlantica, called Atlas cedarwood, is the popular one.

  • It is rubbed on the scalp to stop loss of hair due to alopecia.
  • It is diluted and rubbed on the skin to remove microbes.
  • It is inhaled at night to induce quick sleep.
  • The scent of cedarwood oil can balance the state of mind.
  • Cedarwood is one of those few essential oils that prevent hair loss.
  • The compound cedrol has a soothing effect on the nerves.
  • Cedarwood oil has sedative properties useful in tackling sleep disorders.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can treat and prevent skin conditions.

Learn more about the benefits & uses of cedarwood oil.

Main Constituents

Cedrol, thujopsene and V-cedrene.

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Properties of Cedarwood

How To Use Cedarwood Essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil comes from the branches, leaves, bark, and berries of cedar trees and is a yellow-colored sticky oil. Here are a few of its uses:


Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

Cedarwood Essential oil Blends With


Cedarwood Essential oil Blends With

Cedarwood essential oil blends well with Clary sage, cinnamon bark, patchouli, lemon, frankincense, thyme and vetiver essential oils.

Cedarwood Oil Extracted

Cedarwood Oil Extracted

The leaves and berries of cedar trees are dried and steam distilled to get Cedarwood essential oil.

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