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Cinnamon Bark
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Earthy & spicy, this oil is an all-round health booster to help you recover & crush your #fitnessgoals every time.

Key Benefits:

  • Relieves muscle & joint pain
  • Boosts immune system
  • Aroma that uplifts mood & energy

Scent Profile:
Earthy, spicy & woodsy

Cinnamon Bark
Essential Oil
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About This Product
How To Use
Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil do and what are its benefits?

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is excellent at boosting your body’s natural defenses and soothing muscles. This woody & uplifting oil helps you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and recover fast to crush those  intense workouts.


How to use Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil?

Dilute about 1-2 drops of essential oils for every tablespoon of our skin-friendly Carrier Oils, apply topically for soothed muscles and boosted immunity. Diffusing Cinnamon Bark Oil also purifies the air and keeps homes cozy with a sweet & warming aroma.


Can you ingest Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil?

Our essential oils aren’t suitable for drinking or mixing with foods! However you can enjoy their benefits by applying them topically or diffusing them.

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