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Cardamom Oil

Essential Oil
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Cardamom Oil
Essential Oil
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Cardamom essential oil is used for both its aroma and therapeutic properties. Cardamom oil blends well with different types of oils including citrus, spicy and woody. When inhaled, cardamom essential oil has an uplifting feeling that energizes the body and eliminates fatigue, exhaustion and enervation.

  • It is used for soothing the digestive system
  • It is used for soothing skin rashes and burns
  • It is used as an air freshener
  • It lowers blood pressure levels
  • It prevents bad breath
  • It may prevent ulcer development
  • Research is ongoing to find its cancer fighting properties
  • It is used to clear blocked nose and throat
Main Constituents

8-cineole, alpha-terpinyl acetate, Linalyl acetate, sabinene, and beta-linalool.

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Properties of Cardamom

How To Use Cardamom Essential oil

The therapeutic effects of cardamom essential oil are many. Here a few to check out:


Cardamom Essential Oil Uses

Whether you want to keep your digestive system healthy, strengthen your neurological system, or even improve your personal relationships, cardamom can help. Let us look at some examples:

Cardamom Essential oil Blends With


Cardamom Essential oil Blends With

Cardamom essential oil blends well with ylang ylang, clove, sandalwood, vetiver, ginger and cinnamon essential oils. It also blends well with all citrus essential oils.

Cardamom Oil Extracted

Cardamom Oil Extracted

The unripe seeds of the plant Cardamom or Elettaria Cardamomum are used to extract the cardamom oil. The process of extraction is called steam distillation. Cardamom essential oil is produced by steam distillation from the fruit's seeds, which are harvested right before they ripen. The yield ranges from 1 to 5%. The volatile elements of spices are extracted using steam distillation.

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