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Spice-like & satisfyingly warming, Cardamom Oil is perfect for soothing discomforts & nausea and for good family outing vibes.

Key Benefits

  • Calms nausea & motion sickness
  • Aids digestion issues
  • Mood lifter to calm stress & tension

Scent Profile
Warm, spicy & slightly sweet

Essential Oil
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How To Use
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cardamom Essential Oil good for?

Cardamom Essential Oil is an incredible soother for churning stomachs, nausea, and improving digestion to help liven up the mood during family road trips.


What are the benefits of Cardamom Essential Oil for skin?

Cardamom Oil has natural anti-acne qualities, helping you clear breakouts and soothe irritations for perfect skin, time to bid blemishes goodbye! 


How to use Cardamom Essential Oil?

Warm and soothing Cardamom Essential Oil has many uses! You can rinse it in your mouth with water for fresher breath, protected gums and brighter smiles! Adding Cardamom Oil to massage oils will give you ache-free workouts, while diffusing it will ease morning nausea for good.

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