Its therapeutic scent of mild herbaceous, sweet, fruity, spicy yet a hint of a balsamic distinct emanates a warm-minty variation in aroma. Somewhat floral and camphoraceous, cardamom holds a sweet middle note that blends pleasantly with other spice oils, uplifting and energising moods.




A leafy perennial herb, also known as the Queen of Spices.

Dated back to 3000 B.C, a time marked the beginning of human civilisation when spices were the underlying motives for voyages and expeditions. One thing about spices in history that has assured human kind, is that it shaped the course and history of the world. Cardamom is broadly used today in aromatherapy for its medicinal properties have been credited in ancient Vedic texts. Largely cultivated in Southern India, Cardamom centers emotionally well-being states, calms the distress days when one’s overwhelmed, drained and flustered.

The spicy scent of cardamom stimulates the mind into clarity, and with its aphrodisiac qualities that could revive the appetites of life, pamper yourself with Gya Labs™ Cardamom Essential Oil and enliven your sensuality and passions.


Improves blood circulation throughout the entire body.

Offers therapeutic benefits to the skin, enhances skin health, and improving complexion.

A mixture of this oil with some honey provides relief to skin allergies when applied to affected area.

Nourishes hair follicles and enhances hair strength, could also treat scalp infections.

As the oil strengthen hair roots, cardamom promotes shine and luster to tresses.


For an aura of freshness and peaceful vitality, diffuse in a Gya Labs™ Cardamom Essential Oil and allow the fragrance to permeate your space.

Diffuse or inhale for a sense of openness and mental clarity, soothe your stressful day.

Promotes clear breathing, rids bad breath and improve respiratory health..