This concoction of Gya Labs Massage Oil is curated specifically for calming properties. The unique blend of ingredients consist of Sweet Orange, Petitgrain, Chamomile and Lavender. Originated in southern China and cultivated for millenia, Sweet Orange has a distinctive, uplifting aroma with high concentration of Vitamin C. When combined with Petitgrain from the identical Rutaceae citrus family with refreshing, evergreen scent, the citrus aromatic profile and its versatility is brought up to a higher extent. The Sweet Orange are extracted from the fresh citrus peels in orchards of South Africa, whereas Petitgrain are derived from the petite green leaves and twigs of bitter orange trees in its Middle East plantation.

Speaking of Chamomile and Lavender, both plants are the most ancient floras known to mankind with more than 2500 years of man-made history. In fact, they are closely entwined in the historical roots of Rome. Ancient Romans infused the sweet, floral lilac Lavender essence into lavish bath additives as it’s believed to grant tranquility unto one’s mind; whereas the prominent yellowish-white Chamomile flowers were dried and steeped as healing beverages to calm one’s body and spirit.

The combination of Sunflower and Sweet Almond base oil with infusion of Vitamin E grants deeper penetration and relieves fatigued muscle tissues for greater recovery. Indulge yourself in the lavish experience of Gya Labs™ Calming Massage Oil today.


Sweet Orange tones down inflammatory responses from muscle and joint pain, aiding in the reduction of sore and swollen areas.

Petitgrain helps in reducing frequency of involuntary spasms of muscles as well as nerve convulsions, strengthening the body tissues.

Chamomile acts as a natural reliever for insomnia symptoms, improving sleeping patterns and rejuvenation of stress-induced body.

Lavender constitutes a sense of calmness and peace for tensed minds, enable a better form of relaxation.


Shake well before use to fully blend the oils. Dispense a small amount of oil into warm hands. Rub hands together, gently massage in sweeping movements towards the heart.

Alternatively, add a little to running bath water, taking care as the bath may be slippery.