English Lavender


English Lavender perspires stronger tones of herbaceous and floral aroma as compared to classic Lavender, enlightening your spirits with its soothing and calming presence.



English Lavender

Considered as one of the archaic medicinal herbs known in the world since ancient times

As compared to its other Lavender relatives, this version of Lavandula angustifolia boasts a deeper tone of floral and herbaceous scent that gently washes away your worries for peaceful slumber at night. Cultivated amongst the blossoming Lavender farms in United Kingdom, Romans used to steep this floral essence into their bath as it’s believed to grant peace unto one’s mind and body. Symbolizing “clean” and “purity” in its Latin origin, English Lavender hydrates and nourishes the skin with rich phytonutrients. The gentle cleansing properties smoothes the hair as well, revealing lustrous beauty beneath for greater confidence.

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Naturally calming, English Lavender soothes negative emotions to promote better emotional health with a centred mind and body.

Rich in phytonutrients, English Lavender preserves your skin with a healthy, youthful glow with its supple moisturizing effects.

The potent cleansing properties of English Lavender purifies your scalp and hair, smoothing away the strands for lustrous beauty that radiates.

English Lavender gently eases mood swings and stressful thoughts, lulling your tired spirits for better sleep at night.


For smooth and radiant skin, blend English Lavender into your moisturizer or toner for soothing cleanse and hydration.

For a stress relieving aromatherapy, diffuse English Lavender with Eucalyptus to energize and relax your mood with much calmness.

For healthier hair and shine, add a few drops of English Lavender into your shampoos and conditioners to bolster its nourishing effects.

For better sleep and emotional peace at night, dilute English Lavender with purified water to be used as a soothing mist on bed linens and pillows to evoke an aura of serenity.