Black Pepper


Exuding a warmly invigorating, spicy, pungent and musky woody scent with herbal nuances of medium notes.



Black Pepper

Energizing, purifying and a healing companion and detoxifier.

Among the world’s most traded natural commodities, black pepper has its therapeutic roots in time immemorial appearing in the rich and diverse Ayurvedic herbal and culinary traditions, but its reputation landed it to far-flung shores and ancient ports and was so valued it was even once traded with gold! The ancient Greeks and Romans prized it as a luxurious spice and black pepper was coveted by colonial European powers who each vied to claim a share in this lucrative and well-loved spice. A native of the hot and humid Southern Indian region, it’s versatility alongside its healing and delightful properties has earned it a place in countless of homes worldwide.

Be a part of the growing community that enjoys the documented and numerous benefits of natural and unpretentious Gya Labs™ Black Pepper Essential Oil today.


A natural beauty elixir rich in phytonutrients, it helps delay aging effects on the skin caused by today’s fast-paced lifestyle and stress.

Invigorating, warming and stimulating, its whiff heightens concentrative powers and helps keep you alert and on top of the game.

Black Pepper is a natural detoxifier, packed with minerals and antioxidant properties. Let it purify your senses and body and bring you the regenerative rest you need.

Have we shared that it is a herbal wonder for the body in digestion and skin repair? Bring comfort and relief to irritated skin and your tired body.


Keyboard warriors, digital nomads or city slickers, be ahead of your league as you enhance your focus and clarity by diffusing it with the Gya Labs™ Tabletop Diffuser.

Magnify your energy. Knead away the pressures and aches of the day in a massage session as it keeps you warmly refreshed with this stimulating and detoxifying essential oil.

Support your immune system and surround yourself with Black Pepper essential oil, rich in antioxidant goodness. Include this in your routine to your regime of wellness, health and inner calm.