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Rose Geranium Oil

Essential Oil
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Rose Geranium Oil
Essential Oil
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Rose geranium essential oil is derived from the Pelargonium family of plants, which is also referred to as scented geranium. Rose geranium essential oil and geranium essential oil have similar properties and uses; however, rose geranium has a rosy floral aroma that is preferred in aromatherapy.

  • It is used in the manufacture of soaps, deodorants and perfumes.
  • Its aroma is used to improve athletic performance.
  • It is topically applied to treat ulcers and cancer sores.
  • It is extensively used in skincare.
  • Rose geranium drops can treat/stop hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia or nosebleeds.
  • It reduces the pain due the shingles caused by the herpes virus.
  • It is known to reduce the discomfort due to musculoskeletal ailments.
  • Rose geranium is effective in balancing the skin’s natural oil.
Main Constituents

The compounds in rose geranium essential oil are linalool, menthone, citronellol, geraniol and caryophyllene oxide.

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Properties of Rose Geranium Oil

How To Use Rose Geranium Essential oil

Rose geranium essential oil is used in aromatherapy because of its therapeutic and natural aroma. It has a multitude of medicinal properties useful in preventing, treating and curing health issues. Some of its uses are mentioned below.


Rose Geranium Essential Oil Uses

Rose Geranium Essential oil Blends With


Rose Geranium Essential oil Blends With

Rose geranium essential oil blends well with rosemary, Clary sage, basil, angelica, lavender, orange, jasmine, cedarwood and citronella essential oils.

Rose Geranium Oil Extracted

Rose Geranium Oil Extracted

Rose geranium essential oil is extracted through steam distillation of the leaves and stalk of the Rose geranium plant.

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