Carrot Seed



Carrot Seed

With the elegant title of “Queen Anne’s Lace”, Carrot Seed oil bears an amusing tale originated from the lands of Europe.

It is believed that Queen Anne accidentally pricked her finger when she was tatting laces, thus out came her drop of blood that dyes the flower stigmas. Harvested from the bountiful farms of Poland, the seeds of wild Daucus carota are delicately cold pressed to extract the nourishing oil. The rich botanical nutrients of Carrot Seed rejuvenates mature skin, promoting an evenly toned complexion. Carrot Seed’s abundant vitamins stimulate natural hair growth as well, infusing the scalp with much needed moisture along the way.


Carrot Seed oil promotes greater hair health and shine by deeply conditioning the scalp and hair, healing dryness and dandruff for luster strands.

Carrot Seed oil protects your skin from oxidative stress, slowing down premature aging for youthful beauty.

Rich in caratol, Carrot Seed moisturizes and tones your skin to promote a clearer, brighter and evenly toned complexion.

Abundant in its natural vitamins and bioflavonoids, Carrot Seed forms a protective barrier for the skin from free radical damage, keeping it healthy and supple.


Dab lightly and massage onto face as a moisturizer or a makeup base. Apply onto the ends of your hair for shine and to seal split ends. Argan Oil can be used by itself or as a carrier oil.