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Customer FAQs

Yes! We use the highest quality natural ingredients, almost all of which are plant-based, to create 100% natural products packed with Mother Nature’s goodness!

We believe in looking to our natural roots, and that the bare necessities for an uplifted everyday can be found in nature. That’s our motto in designing our products!

We source all our ingredients from ethical farms and certified producers across the globe, wherever they’re naturally cultivated to keep them in the best quality!

They’re then brought to our international facilities to be produced, curated and packaged before sending them out to you!

Surprisingly, no! A lot of our customers start feeling their mood improve with our scented products. And most see visible nourishing results to the skin within 2 weeks, with continuous improvements after.

There are three main ways to use essential oils: diffusion, topical application and household. Check out our Essential Oils for more information on usage based on the effect you’re looking for!

Gya Labs products are made from all natural ingredients, therefore, they do have a shelf life of 12-36 months, depending on the product. Our products will last longer if kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Each product also contains a sticker with an expiry date at the bottom of the bottle.

Essential oils are volatile compounds. They are sensitive to heat and oxygen, and they can lose their potency if they are not cared for properly. Always store your oils in a cool, dark place, with the lid tightly capped.

We’re glad you asked! We do not test our products on animals nor do we permit others to do so. Each of our products come with a marking to ensure our commitment against animal testing.

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