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Vanilla Oleoresin

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Sweet, creamy and sensual, Vanilla Oleoresin is perfect for spicing up your love life. Bathe in this enticing aroma with your partner to arouse those hidden desires from within.

Key Benefits

  • Sensual, arousing & heightens intimacy
  • Relaxes minds & calms anxiety
  • Great moisturizing fragrance to elevate skincare products

    Scent Profile
    Creamy & sweet

    Vanilla Oleoresin
    Essential Oil
    About This Product
    How To Use
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Use Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil?

    The easiest way to release Vanilla Essential Oil’s aromatic benefits is through a diffuser, humidifier or on a candle top. Mixing it with a Carrier Oil is the best way to “carry” its benefits to your skin, body and hair! Get creative and add it to clothes and linens or mix them into other solutions for their uplifting properties.


    What are the uses and aromatherapy benefits of Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil?

    Used for its libido-boosting aroma, Vanilla Essential Oil can help sweeten up moods and heighten intimacy for sensual nights together. Its creamy & sweet fragrance also helps to ease anxiety, improve moods and is often a key ingredient in sensual massages oils.


    Can you apply Vanilla Oleoresin essential on the skin?

    Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil is packed with skin soothing and uplifting properties. Dilute about 1-2 drops of essential oils for every tablespoon of our skin-friendly Carrier Oils for a sweet and calming scent, apply topically for naturally scented skincare.


    What Essential Oils go well with Vanilla Oleoresin?

    Blend Vanilla Essential Oil & Lavender Essential Oil to calm the mind for better sleep quality.