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Sandalwood Oil

Essential Oil
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Sandalwood Oil
Essential Oil
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Sandalwood essential oil is extracted from the dried woods and roots of the tree Santalum album, more popularly known as the Indian sandalwood tree. This tree is valuable due to its therapeutic uses and benefits, and hence its products are desirable across the world.

  • Sandalwood is a great fixative for fragrances and perfumes since it lasts a long time on the skin and has a lovely dry-down aroma that blends well with most other notes.
  • This purported mood booster is said to provide a variety of advantages, including lowering of stress and anxiety.
  • It contributes to peace and pleasure by promoting better sleep and mental alertness.
  • Maintains skin elasticity and reduces scar marks
  • It has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin, which does away with inflammation.
  • It is used for its anti-ageing properties
  • It is good to clean off bacteria from the face and skin
  • This oil heals wounds faster and eliminates nearby bacteria
  • It stimulates hair growth and removes dandruff, which reverses hair loss to hair growth. It is applicable for beards as well. Learn more about the benefits of sandalwood oil.
Main Constituents

Terpene santalol, alpha bergamotol, gamma elemene, nuciferol, alpha cedrol

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Properties of Sandalwood Oil

How To Use Sandalwood Essential oil

Sandalwood has been revered in Eastern countries as an alternative medicine, a beneficial product sent from the gods. Here are a few ways to utilise the best out of this oil:


Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

Sandalwood essential has a deep woody aroma and is considered to be divine. It is used for religious rituals and rites. It is perhaps the most popular aroma of incense sticks in some states of India. Besides finding use in religious ceremonies, sandalwood essential oil is used for other purposes as well; here are some of those uses.

Sandalwood Essential oil Blends With


Sandalwood Essential oil Blends With

Sandalwood essential oil pairs well with other essential oils with a floral aroma including geranium, lavender and jasmine. Some citrus scented oils including bergamot and lemongrass also blend well with sandalwood.

Sandalwood Oil Extracted

Sandalwood Oil Extracted

Sandalwood oil has traditionally been extracted by steam distillation by refiners in Kupang. It usually takes 40–70 hours. When the distilled oil is expected to run out and is no longer economically viable/efficient, the distillation process is normally terminated. The most popular method for extracting essential oils is steam distillation. In a still, pressure steam is pushed through the biomass, rupturing the plant structures that contain the essential oils and releasing volatile and non-volatile chemicals.

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