Possessing its own distinctive aroma, the fresh, clean and slightly sweet scented




One of the most recognized herbs in the world today.

A perennial herb that is commonly known as the gentler and subtler older sibling from the mint family, spearmint might be the milder version but its attributed properties are second to none.

its benefits spans across multifarious industries for its highly sought-after uses. Spearmint has been documented as an efficacious natural remedy in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines since a few centuries ago. Grab a bottle of Gya Labs™ Spearmint Essential Oil today, and take comfort in its therapeutic minty sensation.


A great disinfectant, spearmint essential oil protects wounds from infections and quicken the healing process.

This essential oil also relief nasal congestion, headaches and stress-related issues.

With its antispasmodic properties, spearmint oil can effectively reduce spasms and muscle pain.


Create your own home-DIY perfume with Gya Labs™ Spearmint Essential Oil, mix it with a few drops of lavender and jasmine oil.

Mix a few drops to bath water, you’ll find that spearmint oil relaxes the body and mind while inducing positive emotions.

Apply topically with a few drops to skincare products for an extra boost to itching or other skin conditions.