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Spearmint Oil

Essential Oil
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Spearmint Oil
Essential Oil
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The spear-shaped leaves of spearmint give it its name. It is said to be the oldest plant in the Mint family, and it has long been utilised for its digestive properties. Spearmint Essential Oil has a long history of usage for a variety of diseases, including skin problems, headaches, nausea, vomiting, respiratory difficulties, and cold symptoms.

  • Spearmint Essential Oil has a wide range of applications, from medical to olfactory to cosmetic.
  • Used topically, it can treat skin irritations such as itching, bug bites, and skin condition such as Athlete’s Foot.
  • It may unclog pores and promote cleaning while leaving the skin feeling cold and rejuvenated when used in moisturisers like lotions.
  • Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles and other flaws on the skin.
  • Assist in reducing cold symptoms.
  • Reduce the symptoms of inflammation by cooling red, puffy, and itchy skin.
  • Menstrual problems, such as inconsistent or missing periods, should be addressed.
  • Spearmint is often used as a flavour in toothpaste, breath mints, and chewing gums.
  • In diabetics, spearmint tea may help reduce blood sugar levels.
Main Constituents

Carvone, Limonene, 1, 8-cineole, and β-Myrcene.

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How To Use Spearmint Essential oil

Spearmint Essential Oil is made from the leaves, flowering tops, and stem of the Spearmint plant. Here are few ways to use it


Spearmint Essential Oil Uses

Because the leaves of this plant resemble a spear, it is known as 'Spearmint.' The Spearmint plant has been utilised in India for a long time. Here are a few of its uses:

Spearmint Essential oil Blends With

Spearmint Essential oil Blends With

Spearmint blends well with: Basil, Cedarwood, Lime, Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit, Rosemary.

Spearmint Oil Extracted

Spearmint Oil Extracted

The most common method of extracting essential oils is steam distillation. A forage harvester chops up spearmint leaves and blossoms into a mobile distillation trailer after they've been dried; nevertheless, other mint manufacturers distil the fresh leaves as soon as they've been cut. The leaves and blooming tips are steam distilled.

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