A sharp middle to high note of piney fresh scent with woody finishing tone




An evergreen bestowed with longevity.

Its wood proved to be strong and durable just as its benefits and uses outlasted several ancient civilisations Cypress had aided throughout the ages. Like the doors of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City, the wood made from Cypress showed no signs of decay even after 1,200 years. Its acclaimed characteristics gained much mileage of its own, explored by vast cultures around the globe for its therapeutic advantages.

Possessing natural built-in diuretic properties, Cypress is the femme fatale in the arena of conifers. Its attributes as a powerful essential oil and as a beauty care helps to clear toxic buildups in all systems of the body making a smoother path to glowing and flawless skin. The astringent properties found in Gya Labs™ Cypress Essential Oil tightens and strengthens hair follicles, protecting luscious tresses from falling.


One of the hidden keys to young and tight skin, Cypress essential oil stimulates flow and strengthen collagen structure to the areas of concerns.

Due to its abundance diuretic abilities, Cypress helps the body to remove excess water and salt which reduces fluid retention.

Because of Cypress’ diuretic properties, consider Gya Labs™ Cypress Essential Oil a natural home remedy to reduce the appearances of cellulite!

Facing acne-prone problems? Here comes Cypress to the rescue by removing toxic buildups in the kidney and liver – the fast track to clear and healthy skin.


Diffuse 5 – 7 drops of Cypress oil at home or office to create emotionally balanced environment for a calming and energising effect to ease anxiousness.

Dilute with equal parts of carrier oil, apply Cypress oil topically to treat cramps, cough or cold. For an aura of freshness and peaceful vitality, diffuse Gya Labs™ Cypress Essential Oil and allow the fragrance to permeate your space.

To ease respiratory conditions, add 5 drops of Gya Labs™ Cypress Essential Oil to a bath.

For hair care, add 3 drops of Cypress oil to shampoo and conditioner whilst add drops to face wash for beauty care. It is perfect for a deep cleanse that’s beneficial to your tresses.