An uplifting aroma with a moderate sweet and woody hint, the earthy scent increase alertness yet a calming effect incite wakefulness.




Hail from the wonders of Nepal.

Wintergreen is known for its therapeutic comforts that elevate your senses. Akin to a culture so pure and untouched by foreign dominance, Wintergreen is a source of marvel for its healing properties. A gem discovered in the land of Mount Everest and the Hilamayas, like its origin, Wintergreen occupies abilities as an antidote to your daily stresses.

Native tribes depended on Wintergreen to relieve signs of fatigue, Gya Labs™ Wintergreen Essential Oil is really a bottle of convenient necessity to be kept within reach especially for today’s fitness enthusiasts with a hectic lifestyle. With a sweet earthy scent that emanates the rural mountains at the foothills of the Himalayas, with a whiff of its uplifting aroma enlivens an energised focus to get the day going.


This is a powerful and natural antiseptic that could combats any inflammation-causing factors and clears skin irritation.

A natural pain relief remedy, also a more organic alternative for any health or fitness enthusiast.

Naturally a potent astringent and pain reducer, if you’re prone to muscle sores then Gya Labs™ Wintergreen Essential Oil could be your savior and you’ll love how this essential oil can come in handy and rid away any embarrassing cramps.

To kill two birds with one stone, Wintergreen is one of the best alternatives to reduce swelling and irritation while simultaneously improving alertness and senses.

Gya Labs™ Wintergreen Essential Oil is a genie in a bottle that comes with the ability to treat colds, fevers, and flu, a guardian for your immunity and well-being.


When Wintergreen is applied to skin, you’ll feel a warming effect and it’s pleasant to use for a soothing massage.

A few drops go a long way, so use sparingly and dilute with any carrier oil like coconut or lavender oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.

As Wintergreen is potent as it is concentrated, diffusing wintergreen oil with a diffuser goes a long way in clearing nasal and respiratory passages.

For recovery following a workout, using a diffuser on wintergreen oil improves blood flow, relieving pain associated with muscular, joint or skeletal strains.

For a relaxing bath, add 2-3 drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil to warm bath water. With Wintergreen’s earthy and minty scent, a bath with this essential oil stimulates a state of mental wellbeing. Just nice to end the day after long hours of work.