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Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses for Skin,
Hair, and Aromatherapy

Overview Of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Exotic and relaxing, the unique scent of Lemongrass Oil is often found in spas to create a serene and tranquil haven. Read up on why this mood-uplifter has become the secret to relaxation.

What Is Lemongrass Essential Oil?

Lemongrass essential oil is a concentrated solution that is extracted from the lemongrass plant, known for its herbaceous, zesty, earthy, and exotic aroma. It is commonly used in aromatherapy and is a popular scent in spas around the world. Its extraction process involves steam-distillation or cold pressing, which captures the plant's essence and properties, including its pest-repelling and muscle-relaxing benefits.

Lemongrass essential oil has been used for centuries as a mental relaxant, and it is known to promote a calming atmosphere. It is also a key ingredient in personal care products and pest repellents.

Name Lemongrass Essential Oil
Botanical Name Cymbopogon
Native to Southeast Asia
Main ingredients Citral, bergamotene, geranyl acetate, myrcene, cadinenes, nerol, neral, citronellal, limonene, citronellol
Aroma Strong citrusy
Blends well with Basil, bergamot, coriander, lavandin, rose, lemon, geranium, lavender, lime, and ylang ylang essential oils
Category Citrus
Substitute Lemon balm or ginger + coriander essential oils
Green Grass Field

Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits

A plant with a plethora of benefits, picking just one to focus on would be impossible. So here’s a simple guide to better understand all the potent benefits you can harness from lemongrass essential oil.


Keeps Bugs Away

High in citronella content which many insects dislike, lemongrass essential oil makes for the best insect repellent. Applying it before going on outdoor adventures keeps you protected from nasty bites and diffusing it at home keeps the family safe.


Refreshes & Uplifts Moods

Exuding a lemony and herbaceous scent, lemongrass essential oil is the perfect mood-booster and mental stimulant. Breathing in its awakening scent during long and tiring work days helps recharge the mind.


Nice Citrusy Scent Of Lemongrass

The lemony aroma of the oil can be utilized as a deodorant, cloth freshener or room freshener. It can be mixed with water and stored in a spritzer, and use it as a mist. Few drops of essential oil of lemongrass may help aromatize toilets in the house.


Energizing Aromatherapy

Citrus oils are known to energize the body when inhaled (using oil diffuser). Studies have proven the efficacy of lemongrass oil can reduce stress and depression. Massaging the body with a blend of lemongrass oil and almond oil once every three weeks lowers the systolic blood pressure. Uses of lemongrass oil for aromatherapy are for its refreshing effects.



Lemongrass oil is used as a flavoring agent in cooking and is popular in Asian cuisine.


Room Deodorizer

The fresh scent of Lemongrass essential oil can help to eliminate unpleasant odors in a room.


Personal Care

Lemongrass oil is used as an ingredient in personal care products such as soaps, shampoos, and lotions for its refreshing scent.

Lemongrass Oil Uses

Because it is so versatile, lemongrass essential oil is widely used by aromatherapy enthusiasts around the world. Depending on how and where you apply it, lemongrass oil can help improve your self-care routine and make your days just that much better.

A woman is itching her arm

1. DIY Car Freshener

Few drops of the oil is mixed with water and stored in the car spritzer. The aroma of the oil fills the car and eliminates staleness inside it. Lemongrass oil comes with an energizing effect suitable for long drives.

2. Aromatherapy

Lemongrass oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost mood.

3. Insect Repellent

This oil also has natural insect-repelling properties, making it an effective ingredient in natural insect repellent products.

4. Skincare

Lemongrass oil has many properties which make it a useful ingredient in skincare products to cleanse and tone the skin.

5. Hair Care

Lemongrass oil is used in hair care products for its ability to strengthen hair follicles, prevent hair loss, and soothe an itchy scalp.

How To Use Lemongrass Essential Oil

There are many ways to harness the many health benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil. Some do it through inhalation and diffusion, others as topical ointments. Here’s how you can get the most out of this wonderful oil.

A brown aroma diffuser in a room

Lemongrass Essential Oil For Aroma Diffuser

Though one can inhale the scent of lemongrass oil straight from the bottle, using a diffuser is a more effective way to help vaporize essential oils into the air for all-day calm and relaxation. Here’s a guide on how to use lemongrass essential oil with a diffuser.

Direction To Use:

  1. Set it up according to the manufacturer's instructions
  2. Place it at least 2-feet above the ground to get the full benefits
  3. Fill the tank with filtered water to reduce mineral buildup and to prolong the life of your diffuser
  4. Don’t skimp on the essential oil! Remember, adding more oil makes the scent last longer. Most people add about 3 to 15 drops per 100ml of water
  5. Experiment and mix & match essential oils to tailor your own unique blend of scent
  6. Take time to explore your own diffuser and find a spray setting that suits your fancy

Lemongrass Essential Oil For A Relaxing Massage

Massaging Lemongrass Essential Oil on the body is the perfect way to reap its muscle-soothing properties. Here’s a simple way to make your own lemongrass oil infused muscle tension roller blend:


Direction to Use:

  1. Combine all the oils in a 10ml roller bottle
  2. Fill the bottle with Jojoba Carrier Oil
  3. Shake well before using

Enjoy lasting relief with this quick and easy lemongrass roller blend by applying it to sore spots and massaging it into your muscles.

Safety With Lemongrass Essential Oil

Essential oils are great for self-care routines. However, we should also take care and follow caution when using them to keep ourselves and loved ones safe from its side effects. Generally essential oils are safe, but a few guidelines must be followed to avoid any adverse effects. Also, the oils are different, made up of different compounds. Some people may be allergic to certain compounds while others may be allergic to others. Concentrated oil must be bought after careful deliberation. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Read the label and instructions to make sure you’re using the oil correctly.
  2. While buying essential oils be wary of the terms fragrance oil, perfume oil and natural identical oil.
  3. The term pure essential oil can be widely seen on the bottles. These maybe made from substandard sources.
  4. Ensure that you are not allergic to any ingredients or compounds in the oil.
  5. Make sure to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil for safe application.
  6. Do not add too much of the oil in the diffuser.
  7. Avoid using essential oils of sensitive areas like the eyes and nose.
  8. Don’t apply it on broken skin either unless it’s mentioned on the bottle or label.
  9. Keep it out of reach of kids and fur kids.
  10. Do not diffuse the oil near kids and pets. Consult a doctor before doing so.
  11. Some oils may make you sensitive to sun damage, so be sure to load up on SPF.
  12. Check the label to see if the oil is photo-toxic.
  13. The oil may cause embryotoxicity; consult a doctor before use.
  14. Always do a small patch test before topical application.
  15. If aromatherapy is performed directly from the bottle, make sure that the oil does not touch the skin.
  16. The common unwanted effects caused by essential oils up on topical application are rashes, redness and swelling.
  17. If you show signs of irritation, stop use and consult a health professional.
  18. Some essential oils cannot be used by people with kidney problems, whereas some essential oils cannot be used by those with blood disorders. It is always advisable to consult a doctor about your essential oil needs and predisposition for diseases.

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