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How to Use Essential Oils for Wellness

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are powerful plant extracts, harvested from all kinds of sources like wood, herbs, flowers and more. These oils have various super benefits for skincare, body care, haircare and aromatherapy.

How to Make Essential Oils?

A portion of the plant is pressed or steamed to extract the oil, which is then used to make essential oils. Depending on the kind of essential oil you're trying to make, a plant's flowers, bark, leaves, or fruit may be used in this process.

How to Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are often diffused to enjoy their benefits through aromatherapy. They can also be blended into various skincare and body care products to keep your skin nourished. Simply add 2–3 drops of essential oil into a diffuser or skincare product to see the results for yourself.

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Essential Oils For Aroma Diffuser

Diffusers come in a few variations so you can definitely find one that’s just right for you. Here are common diffuser types and how to use your essential oils with them.

Ultrasonic Diffusers:

These diffusers spread a fine, scented mist around rooms. Simply blend 5–10 drops of essential oils with water and turn on the diffuser to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

Heat Diffusers:

Heat diffusers gently warm up oils to disperse them across the room. Add 3–5 drops of oil and water in the heating “bowl” on top of the diffuser. Then light a candle under the diffuser to begin the warming process.


Nebulizers are made of glass and diffuse by releasing pressurized mist. Simply add 3–4 drops of pure, undiluted essential oils into these diffusers and turn on the diffuser to convert the oil into mist.

Reed diffusers:

Reed diffusers rely on the wind to disperse scents. You’ll need to drip 30–50 drops of oils into the base of these diffusers and place the diffuser outdoors or in a room with good air circulation to ensure the scents will be carried by the wind.

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Benefits Of Essential Oils

Essential oils can boost moods, ease stress, improve sleep quality, ease pain and more. There are also specific oils that can repel insects and deodorize households to give you a sparkling clean home.


Essential Oils To Promote Sleep

Good sleep is hard to get. From stress to minor insomnia, all these distractions prevent you from getting your full 8 hours of rest. Thankfully, there are some calming essential oils that can save you from a sleepless night!

  • Lavender Oil
With its peaceful, herbaceous scent, lavender oil lulls you into a calm mental state before bedtime. Drip 2–3 drops of lavender oil onto your pillow to experience a good night’s rest..
Lavender oil was used in a study to find if its aroma pacified angry patients with severe dementia. A study done in 2002 found that the aroma of lavender oil had a modest affect in lowering agitation. (1)
    • Roman Chamomile Oil
    Roman chamomile oil is packed with a calming floral aroma to transform your room ambiance. Diffuse 2–3 drops to create a stress-free haven for deeper sleep and relaxation. The scent molecules of the oil travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and stimulate the part of the brain that regulates the hormones.
    • Patchouli Oil
    Earthy and herbaceous, patchouli oil treats insomnia naturally. All you have to do is simply Inhale patchouli straight from the bottle for undisturbed rest.


      Essential Oils For Inhalation

      What essential oils are safe for inhalation?

      While there may be doubts, there are a lot of essential oils that are perfectly safe for inhalation. If you’re experiencing breathing difficulties, certain scents have to clarify properties that relieve congestion and clear up airways.

      • Eucalyptus Oil
      A purifying oil, the antibacterial properties of eucalyptus oil cleans the air to safeguard your living space. Diffuse 2–3 drops of eucalyptus oil to refresh the air at home and keep your loved ones protected too.
      A study found that the aromatic ointments of mint, eucalyptus and camphor mitigates the symptoms of common colds and ensures uninterrupted sleep. You can read all about it here.
      • Peppermint Oil
      This sharp, minty scent instantly clears up stuffy noses and airways for worry-free breathing. You can breathe in the scent of peppermint oil straight from the bottle to experience its clarifying benefits.
      • Oregano Oil
      The earthy herb of this essential oil encourages smooth breathing, perfect for combatting morning colds and developing better cardio. You can inhale oregano oil directly before running, hiking or taking on other physically challenging activities.


        Essential Oils For Crafts And DIY Projects

        Have some fun with essential oils for self-care. Essential oils can help you customize bath bombs, scented candles and more for your needs. Just select your favourite aroma and enjoy the process of creating self-care products.

        • Vanilla Oil
        This essential oil has a creamy, cookie-like scent, the perfect aroma for satisfying self-care. Blend 2–4 drops of essential oils, 2 cups of raw cane sugar and ½ a cup of coconut oil for a blissfully sweet sugar scrub.
        • Ylang Ylang Oil
        Sweet and exotic, ylang ylang releases your inhibitions for passionate moments together. Craft a romantic scented candle for the perfect date night at home with 20–30 drops of essential oils added to 2 cups of melted soy wax.
        • Rose Otto Oil
        Light and floral, this fresh rose scent makes baths feel absolutely luxurious. Pamper your senses and your skin by blending 6–8 drops of rose otto essential oil, a tablespoon of carrier oil and a handful of epsom salt to create a rosy DIY bath salt.


          Essential Oils To Eliminate Odors

          Essential oils are great for covering up bad odors. These scents can instantly freshen up a room and purify the air for a safer home. These oils are perfect for preparing your room before dates or family members come over!

          • Sweet Orange Oil
          Bright and refreshing, this tropical oil replaces bad odors with an unforgettably fruity scent. Simple diffuse 2–3 drops around living spaces to freshen the air.
          • Lemongrass Oil
          This potent citrusy oil can mask strong odors from cooking with a potent, zesty scent. Diffuse 2–3 drops of this aroma around your kitchen and dining area to ward off pungent odors.
          • Lemon Oil
          This zesty oil can cover up bad odors with a fresh, energizing aroma. Mix 2–3 drops of lemon oil into a spray bottle and spritz around rooms for a clean and welcoming space.


            Essential Oils To Boost Energy And Mental Clarity

            Having trouble concentrating? Get focused to stay in the zone with calming oils that sharpen mental clarity and citrusy oils that energize to keep you going.

            To understand how essential oils lower mental fatigue and improve mental clarity, you can read a small pilot study by Elizabeth Varney and Jane Buckle published in January 2013. (2)

            • Myrrh Oil
            Earthy and calming, this scent has been used in Buddhist traditions to enable clear focus during meditation. Diffusing 2–3 drops of myrrh oil enables you to quiet mental chatter for better mindfulness when you’re on the mat. Discover our best scented candles for meditation.
            • Bergamot Oil
            Feeling drained from a busy day? Energizing bergamot oil gives you a quick boost to get through your day without a hitch! Just carry one of our compact bergamot hydrosols with you to enjoy its revitalizing, citrusy scent.
            • Neroli Oil
            Need a clear headspace? Neroli oil calms tension and negativity, helping your mind unwind when you’re feeling overwhelmed at the office. Diffuse 2–3 drops of neroli oil to stay calm when work piles up.

              How To Dilute Essential Oils With Carrier Oils

              The general rule dilution ratio for essential oils is one tablespoon of carrier oil for every drop of essential oil. However, the ratio may vary depending on your skin sensitivity or how powerful you want your fragrance to be.

              Why Do You Need To Dilute Essential Oils?

              It is crucial to dilute essential oils to avoid skin reactions caused by the powerful properties within essential oils. Aromatherapists from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy cite that the most common mistake made by people is using essential oils undiluted. Yikes!

              Essential oils are completely natural and nourishing for the skin. However, the high concentration of plants that go into essential oils make it unsuitable for direct topical application. A single pound of essential oil is only derived from as much as 250 pounds of lavender, 1,500 lemons and 10,000 pounds of rose petals! The resulting potency of essential oils can be too overwhelming for skin, which is why professionals are trained to dilute them to prevent adverse and sometimes even toxic reactions.

              Why Should I Use Essential Oils?

              Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation. They can also be used to help treat infections. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that contain the plant's aromatic compounds. These compounds can be beneficial for health when inhaled or applied to the skin.


              What Types Of Carrier Oils Are Best?

              There’s no carrier oil that is technically better than the rest as all carrier oils have various benefits that can support your skincare, body care or hair care needs.

              What we’d recommend is using a carrier oil that complements your essential oil: for example, you could combine a carrier oil for skin protection with a moisturizing essential oil to keep skin from dryness on sunny days. Here are some carrier oils that are renowned for their powerful benefits.

              • Jojoba Oil
              Pronounced ‘hohoba’, this oil is deeply moisturizing and glides smoothly across the skin when applied. We recommend this for healing dry and chapped skin back to perfection.
              • Argan Oil
              Prized for its nourishing properties, argan oil promotes stronger hair and restores glowing, healthy skin.
              • Carrot Seed Carrier Oil
              This oil is great for keeping your skin safe from free radicals on sunny, summer days.

                How to Use Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

                DIY Essential Oils Blend Recipe For Sleep

                With the best essential oils blend recipe you will sleep like a baby and wake up with renewed vigour and improve your health. Applying essential oils can also give complete sleep with its stimulating scent.


                • 2 drops Frankincense EO
                • 2 drops Cedarwood oil
                • 2 drops Roman Chamomile EO
                • 2 drops of rosemary oil
                • 1 drop of Vetiver EO

                DIY Essential Oils Blend Recipe To Eliminate Odor

                Call your friends, family and neigbhours to your home and don’t worry about the stale odor dampening the mood.

                Add the following in a spritzer:

                • 3 drops grapefruit essential oil
                • 3 drops tangerine essential oil
                • 3 drops mandarin essential oil
                • 2 drops rosemary essential oil
                • 1 cup water
                • 2 tablespoons of vodka

                DIY Essential Oils Blend Recipe For Inhalation

                Diffuse this breathe oil blend that will open clogged nose and throat. You can put a towel over your head and inhale the aroma from steam from the bowl of hot water.


                • 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
                • 3 drops of tea tree essential oil
                • 2 drops of peppermint essential oil
                • 2 drops of cardamom essential oil

                Safety Tips

                Essential oils are great for self-care routines. However, we should also take care and caution when using them to keep ourselves and loved ones safe! Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

                1. Read the label and instructions to make sure you’re using the oil correctly.
                2. Make sure to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil for safe application.
                3. Avoid using essential oils of sensitive areas like the eyes and nose.
                4. Don’t apply it on broken skin either unless it’s mentioned on the bottle or label.
                5. Keep it out of reach of kids and fur kids.
                6. Some oils may make you sensitive to sun damage, so be sure to load up on SPF.
                7. If you show signs of irritation, stop use and consult a health professional.
                8. Undiluted oils can cause side effects and health concerns; use after dilution.

                Where To Buy Essential Oils For Aroma Diffusers

                Most essential oils are suitable for diffusion. You can find them in any store that sells aromatherapy products. To find pure oils that release a natural scent make sure you shop for 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. Our Gya Labs single essential oils are all 100% pure for your aromatherapy needs and are conveniently available on our online store.

                Recommended Essential Oil Products

                Shop our 100% pure essential oils that are suitable for aromatherapy. You can choose from earthy and woody scents to floral and herbaceous. They also help with sleep, migraines and other everyday concerns.

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