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A zesty & cleansing face mist to perk up your mood & give sensitive, acne-prone skin the pick-me-up it needs.

Key Benefits

  • Soothes sensitive, irritated skin
  • Clears acne breakouts

Citrusy, woodsy and spicy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bergamot Hydrosol good for?

Bergamot Hydrosol is imbued with skin-purifying Bergamot Essential Oil, a spray or two will help soothe sensitive skin prone to irritations and acne breakouts. This sweet mist also soothes your senses for power naps and helps you freshen up afterwards.


Is Bergamot Hydrosol anti-inflammatory?    

Yes, the anti-inflammatory properties of our Bergamot Hydrosol is great for calming sensitive and irritated skin to give you a soothed and healthy complexion.


How to use Bergamot Hydrosol?

Bergamot Hydrosol can be spritzed on the skin or face as a soothing face mist. It can also be sprayed on beds or around the room to create a calming ambience for deeper slumbers.

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