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Orange Blossom

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This exotic-scented hydrosol is a work of wonder to cleanse oily skin & reduce acne. It is also great for hydrating the skin & scalp.

Key Benefits

  • Cleanses oily skin
  • Reduces acne
  • Hydrates dry skin & scalp

Floral, woodsy, sweet & citrusy

Orange Blossom
About This Product
How To Use
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Orange Blossom Hydrosol for skin?

Orange Blossom Hydrosol is perfect as a cleansing face mist that purifies and refreshes oily complexions to reduce breakouts. It also provides hydration for your skin to maintain a healthy, dewy complexion.


How to use Orange Blossom Hydrosol?

Our Orange Blossom Hydrosol can be spritzed on the face as a cleansing mist and on the scalp to keep it hydrated. It can also be sprayed around the room or onto your bed for an energizing scent to lift your mood.