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Mandarin Oil

Essential Oil
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Mandarin Oil
Essential Oil
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Mandarin essential oil is similar to tangerine essential oil as they are both extracted from the same citrus tree, Citrus Reticulata. Mandarins are yellow colored citrus fruits that come with pips, whereas tangerines are orange colored and do not have pips. As the name suggest the tree has origins in China and the fruits have special place in Chinese culture.

  • Cellulite, sagging skin, scars, water retention, and other body-related swelling issues are all treated using this oil in skincare.
  • Our mandarin or tangerine oil could be used to treat skin conditions including pimples and acne
  • In terms of hair care, this oil rejuvenates copper colour tones, washes greasy hair, and reinvigorates dull hair.
  • It improves the flow of blood below the epidermis thus enhancing skin health.
  • It may have the ability of cell regeneration.
  • It is beneficial in treating a wide range of skin conditions.
  • It has the ability to protect food from bacteria.
  • It is applied to wounds to stop sepsis or infections.
  • Mandarin oil is topically applied to get a vibrant skin.
Main Constituents

The compounds in mandarin essential oil are camphene, nerol, alpha-thujone, linalool, geranial, geraniol, alpha- and beta- pinene, terpineol and methyl anthranilate.

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Properties of Mandarin

How To Use Mandarin Essential oil

Mandarin essential is mostly used in aroma therapy because of its aroma. But it has many other uses. Here are some of its uses.


Mandarin Essential Oil Uses

Mandarins, commonly known as Mandarin oranges or Tangerines, are citrus fruits. Mandarins are more yellow in colour and have pips, whilst tangerines are orange in colour and do not have pips. As a result, mandarin essential oil is also known as tangerine essential oil. Some of its important applications include:

Mandarin Essential oil Blends With


Mandarin Essential oil Blends With

Mandarin essential oil blends well with nutmeg, clove, bergamot, lavender, Clary sage, frankincense and cinnamon essential oils.

Mandarin Oil Extracted

Mandarin Oil Extracted

Mandarin essential oil, like most citrus oils, is extracted from the peel or rind of the fruit using a technique known as steam distillation. Steam distillation is one of the earliest distillation processes.
The most often used technique of essential oil extraction is steam distillation. Simply explained, essential oil steam distillation works by transmitting hot steam through basic plant components.

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