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Organic Blue Tansy Oil

Organic Essential Oil
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Organic Blue Tansy Oil
Organic Essential Oil
Product Details

In recent years, the blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum), a small flower, has garnered a lot of favorable attention. As a result, it has become a common component in a wide range of goods, from acne creams to anti-aging creams. The essential oil of Blue tansy is also well-known because of its aroma and properties.

  • Diffuse it in your house or slowly inhale it straight from the bottle.
  • It can help enhance mood and promote feelings of positivity and well-being.
  • It has a pleasant and unique scent that can be used as a natural perfume or in homemade skincare products.
  • It can be added to a diffuser or sprayed around the room to freshen up the air and promote relaxation.
  • It can be used in aromatherapy to help promote relaxation.
  • It has insecticidal properties and can be used as a natural insect repellent.
Main Constituents

Sabinene (15.1%), camphor (14.4%), α-phellandrene (7.9%), β-pinene (7.7%), and myrcene (6.9%), followed by chamazulene with 6.0% and p-cymene (5.5%). Read more about the benefits & uses of blue tansy oil.

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How To Use Organic Blue Tansy Essential oil

This oil is found in a variety of treatments, including anti-aging lotions and acne creams. Here are a few of its uses:


Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil Uses

Blue Tansy essential oil is rare, but once found it has benefits for everyone. Here are some of it's uses:

Organic Blue Tansy Essential oil Blends With

Organic Blue Tansy Essential oil Blends With

When diffused, Blue Tansy's soothing, slightly fruity aroma offers elevating effects that assist to create a cheerful atmosphere. Make your own concoctions. Geranium, Clary Sage, Petitgrain, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Spearmint, and Ylang Ylang are some oils that pair nicely with Blue Tansy.

Organic Blue Tansy Oil Extracted

Organic Blue Tansy Extracted

Blue Tansy is derived from the yellow North African Moroccan chamomile flower using steam distillation method. The terpenes in the flower's leaves and stem give the oil its bright, azure blue hue.

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