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French Lavender Hydrosol

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French Lavender Hydrosol
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French lavender hydrosol is obtained from a plant that is known by many names – lavandula stoechas, Spanish lavender, French lavender and topped lavender. It belongs to the plant family Lamiaceae and is native to Mediterranean countries.

  • It is applied on sunburned skin to ease irritation and lessen redness, especially on the face.
  • It is applied to generate an innate aroma from the skin like soaps and body washes do.
  • It is also applied on a baby’s bottom to treat diaper rashes for softer skin.
  • It is a natural alternative or replacement to chemical ointments and OTC medicines.
  • Its scent is different from its essential oil, but it is still preferred by many people.
  • It is very effective in treating minor skin conditions.
  • It might help with oral and gum infections.
Main Constituents

Linalool, camphor, 1, 8-cineole and linalyl acetate. Learn more about the lavender essential oil.

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Properties of French Lavender Hydrosol

How To Use French Lavender Hydrosol

French lavender hydrosol is used to give washed fabrics unique and floral aroma. Here are some more ways to use it's powers:


French Lavender Hydrosol Uses

Look no farther than the traditional essential oil, French Lavender Hydrosol oil, to relax both the body and the mind. While the gorgeous purple plant is lovely to look at, it's a versatile essential oil that has therapeutic properties. Here are a few examples of its applications:

French Lavender Hydrosol Blends With


French Lavender Hydrosol Blends With

French lavender hydrosol blends well with other hydrosols.

French Lavender Hydrosol Extracted

French Lavender Hydrosol Extracted

French lavender hydrosol is extracted by steam distilling the flowers of the French lavender flowering plant. A tiny hydrophilic portion of the essential oil escapes into the distillation water stream during the distillation of aromatic plants. This fraction is high in organoleptically valuable oxygenated molecules that contribute to an essential oil's flavour value. Hydrosol is the distillation water containing dissolved essential oil components. The same is true for this oil.

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