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Stress Relief Blend
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Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium

Hectic days? Head all cluttered? This stress-busting blend was crafted to ease anxiety and uplift positivity. Rediscover your calm headspace with our Stress Relief Blend, and get your chill on!

Key Benefits

  • Calms stress & anxiety
  • Boosts mental positivity
  • Promotes deep sleep

Stress Relief Blend
Blend Essential Oil
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About This Product
How To Use
Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend?

Release Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend’s therapeutic benefits through a diffuser, humidifier or on a candle top before bed. To keep its relaxing benefits going through the night, add it to pillows, sheets and linens, or dilute with Carrier Oils and rub on your chest & temples.


How to use Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend to improve moods?

Add about 1-2 drops of Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend to a bath of hot water or diffuser, to help calm your senses and uplift your mood. Diffuse it in your home or at your workplace for greater focus and increased productivity.


What does Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend do for my health and what are its aromatherapy benefits?

Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend is a calming oil that is imbued with tension relieving properties that’s great for relieving stress and promoting mental clarity. This sweet & floral oil also promotes deeper sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed.

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