Nested under the family of Pelargonium genus, Rose Geranium is one of the rare species originating from the South Africa natives. By virtue of it’s evergreen nature and peculiar fragrance, the Pelargonium roseum were adored by Britains in their gardens and starred in Victorian Valentine bouquets during the Victorian Era in the 19th century. These delicate flowers with deep, segmented leaves and pale pink blooms were steam-distilled to extract the best purity, which is quintessential for floral-scent sachets as well as potpourris. You may be wondering, what else blends perfectly with it to increase its potential? Definitely the citrusy, refreshing Bergamot of course! Cultivated in the southern parts of Italy, the citrus bergamia earned its significance in King Louis XIV’s court of France in the 16th century with its befitting majestic title of “Prince’s Pear”. where French aristocrats scented themselves with bergamot fragrance.

Recognized as the “flower of flowers” by the native Philippines due to its sweet and floral aromatic profile, Ylang Ylang blooms are used in celebrations of newlywed couples, strewn across their bed with wishes of long-lasting marriage due to its aphrodisiac qualities. In fact, the Cananga odorata was made popular by Coco Chanel as one of the main constituents used in her renowned perfume, Chanel No. 5. Contrarily, Lavender’s usage and recognition is no less than Ylang Ylang as well! With more than 2500 years of man-made history, ancient Greeks and Romans infused the lilac lavendula essence into lavish bath additives as it’s believed to grant tranquility unto one’s mind. With the concoction of both florals in the massage oil, the benefits to the body would be boosten up significantly.

The combination of Sunflower and Sweet Almond base oil with infusion of Vitamin E grants deeper penetration and relieves fatigued muscle tissues for greater recovery. Indulge yourself in the lavish experience of Gya Labs™ Relaxing Massage Oil today.


Rose Geranium promotes soothing and energizing effects towards muscles and joints, helping any sore areas plaguing your body.

Rosewood provides slight relief for light headaches and muscle ache with its soothing properties.

Lavender constitutes a sense of calmness and peace for tensed minds, enable a better form of relaxation.

Bergamot being a stress reliever aids in improving mood swings and stress levels, keeping negative emotions at bay.

Ylang Ylang helps in preserving a healthy skin glow and improve lethargy.


Shake well before use to fully blend the oils. Dispense a small amount of oil into warm hands. Rub hands together, gently massage in sweeping movements towards the heart.

Alternatively, add a little to running bath water, taking care as the bath may be slippery.