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Eucalyptus Roll-On

Roll On
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Eucalyptus Roll-On
Roll On
Product Details

The minty fresh eucalyptus roll-on is a pre-diluted solution that perfectly fits in the pocket or purse and can deal with stress and foul odor. The pocket-friendly roll-on is packed with many eucalyptus essential oil properties.

  • Sinus congestion is taken care of with eucalyptus roll on.
  • It is inhaled from the bottle to calm the senses.
  • It is applied close to bedtime for quality sleep.
  • It has a minty, herbaceous aroma, milder than eucalyptus oil.
  • It is available in a pocket-friendly bottle at pocket-friendly prices.
  • It is any time, any place wellness weapon.
Main Constituents

Eucalyptus essential oil, grapeseed oil and fractionated coconut oil. Read more about the powerful eucalyptus oil!

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How To Use Eucalyptus Roll-On

This blend may be used for almost anything. It's simple to see why it's one of those multifunctional home remedies that everyone should carry and here are a few uses to try:


Eucalyptus Roll-On Uses

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