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The beauty of eyes has been intonated in one too many poems and prose. Our eyes are the interpreter of our soul. And there are quite a few fashion items made to make the eyes stand out. There are several cosmetic eyeliners that mesmerise with their advertisements; but, DIY eyeliner recipes have its benefits.

Why Make DIY Eyeliner At Home?

1. Choose Your Oils

There are several 100% organic plant oils that are available in the market. Carrier oils including coconut oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil, and essential oils including lavender essential oils, tea tree essential oil and frankincense essential oil, may be used in the formulation of homemade eyeliners. The oils have several benefits including hydrating the skin and nourishing it.

2. Reducing Plastic Waste

Cosmetic products are shipped and wrapped in plastics that end up God knows where. We have heard that the floor of the sea is a waste bed for plastics. And even though many companies are making zero waste policies, the entire supply chain cannot be made foolproof. Making eyeliners at home reduces plastic wastes. It might not feel like a big deal, but it is your way of saving the world.

3. Best Ingredients

While buying a popular brand of eyeliner, can you be sure that it does not consist of any harmful ingredient(s)?

It has happened in the past when people came to know that their favorite product is made from so and so ingredients that are harmful for the body or environment. Chemicals including paraben can be completely avoided with DIY eyeliners.

4. Your Eyeliner, Your Color

There is a limit in the color choices that you can get from cosmetic products and chances of someone else wearing the same color as you are quite high. With homemade eyeliner, you can customize the color as per your needs and convenience.

Some of the ingredients discussed below are charcoal, and cocoa. Charcoal will give the eyes a smoky look, and cocoa will give it a chocolatey hue. The ingredients can be mixed in different proportions to get the required eyeshadow.

5. Resistant to Water

Wearing eyeliners and getting drenched in the pool or in the rain can cause a smudge. This can be prevented by adding beeswax to the mix. This ingredient is used in cosmetic products, and can be used in homemade DIY eyeliners as well.

6. Humane Eyeliner

You can proudly say that no animals were harmed in the making of my DIY eyeliner. The natural oils and products in the ingredients guarantee that no animal products were used in the mascara.

7. Affordable

And finally, homemade DIY eyeliners are affordable. The oils used in making the eyeliner have many different uses and will never be wasted. And you can formulate it on a need to use basis.

8. Easy To Use

The oils and waxes used in making the homemade products are easy to apply and are easy on the eyes and skin. The only care that needs to be taken is to use fresh product products, store it properly and clean the brushes.

Recipes For DIY Eyeliner and More

Reciprocation is not just something that is done for people it should also be done for the body. For instance we all try to eat heart and gut healthy food, avoid substances that affect the liver and care for the skin and hair. Eyes should not be left out of that list. There are many eye care products that show the eyes that we care.

There are several eye products including mascara, eyeliner, kajal, gel, pencil eyeliners, creams and serums. Here, we will look at the natural products and recipes that can be used as DIY eyeliners.

Recipe #1

DIY Eyeliner with Cocoa Powder

To get a natural brownish hue, use cocoa powder. The shade with cocoa is deep brown.


  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • Rosewater (or drops of distilled water)


  • Put the cocoa powder into a bowl.
  • Keep adding a few drops of rose water and make a thick paste.
  • Apply it on the eye lines.

Recipe #2

DIY Eyeliner with Almond

Almonds are a fun and nutritious snack. When munching on almonds save a few for making homemade eyeliner. Almonds have eye health enhancing properties and are used in Ayurveda to improve vision.


  • 1 almond
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Tweezers
  • Lighter


  • Pick up the almond with a tweezer.
  • Heat it with a lighter till it burns.
  • Cool the almond and scrape out the black soot.
  • Only use the thin, fine soot.
  • Add a few drops of sweet almond oil and make a fine paste.

Recipe #3

DIY Eyeliner with Beetroot Juice

Anyone who has cut beetroot will know the consistent color it leaves on the hands. Beetroot gives a different shade to the eyeliner.


  • Half peeled beetroot
  • 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel


  • Cut the beetroot and grind it.
  • Filter its juice.
  • Mix aloe vera with the juice till a thick consistency is reached.
  • Use an eye makeup brush and give a smooth shade to the lashes.

Recipe #4

DIY Eyeliner with Activated Charcoal

Homemade black eyeliner uses activated charcoal. It is easily available in the market and can be mixed with carrier oils including jojoba oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil.

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from burnt chars of different sources. A teaspoon of activated charcoal in a small bowl gives a nice blackish hue to the eye lashes.


  • Charcoal powder or tablets
  • Distilled water or any carrier oil


  • Take two teaspoons of charcoal powder in a bowl.
  • Add a few drops of water or oil and mix it. Add more water or oil till a thick paste is formed.
  • Use a thin brush to apply it.

Recipe #5

DIY Eyeliner Waterproof


  • Activated charcoal powder
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Shea butter
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Vitamin E oil or any skin-friendly carrier oil
  • Small container to store, if needed


  • First add a tea spoon of Vitamin E oil in a small bowl.
  • To this add half teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Mix these ingredients till it becomes grimy.
  • Add 3 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Add the charcoal powder to the oils. Depending on the darkness you need the charcoal can be increased.
  • Add melted Shea butter to this mix.
  • Mix all the ingredients till it becomes a homogenous mix.
  • It is not yet ready for use. Transfer the contents in the bowl to a suitable container.
  • Keep it refrigerated for a day.
  • Once it hardens, it is ready for use

Removing DIY Homemade Eyeliner

To remove eyeliner, you need a cotton ball and a carrier oil. The carrier oil can be vegetable oil found at home, or extra virgin olive oil or rosehip seed oil. Coconut oil with a drop of tea tree essential oil can also be used to wipe off the eyeliner shade. Sweep the face gently with the cotton balls till the shade is removed from the eyelashes. Wash the face with cold water later.

Precautions while Making DIY Eyeliner

  • Before storing the eyeliner, clean the jar or bottle properly.
  • The eyeliner brush used for applying the eyeliner must be air dried.
  • Avoid tap water as they may have toxin for eyes.
  • Be careful when applying eyeliners. Do not apply it inside the eyes. Learn how to make eyeliner and apply eyeliner on the inner eyelid.
  • Keep the eyeliners refrigerated.


DIY eyeliners make use of natural and organic ingredients including essential oils and carrier oils. With homemade eyeliners one has the choice of altering the color and using different ingredients.

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