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DIY Essential Oil Makeup Brush Cleaner | DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Recipe

Disclaimer - The information provided in this blog, including any linked materials herein, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. For accurate and personalized recommendations, please consult with your specialists.


In the pursuit of flawless makeup application, the importance of clean brushes cannot be overstated. A clean brush not only enhances the longevity of your brushes but also ensures the purity of your makeup. However, finding the perfect makeup brush cleaner can be a daunting task, often leading beauty enthusiasts to resort to do-it-yourself solutions. 

In this article, we will share with you the ultimate DIY essential oil makeup brush cleaner recipe that not only cleanses your brushes effectively but also elevates your entire makeup routine. So, let's learn how to clean makeup brushes naturally using essential oils.

Embracing The Allure Of Natural Cleaning

1. The Charm of Non-Toxic, Everything Essential Oils

What sets this DIY essential oil makeup brush cleaner apart is its commitment to non-toxic, natural cleaning. By harnessing the power of essential oils, you not only cleanse your brushes but also indulge in aromatherapy. The gentle scent of lavender and tea tree oils turns your cleaning routine into a calming experience, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. DIY Recipes with Essential Oils: A Gateway to Healthier Skin

Beyond just cleaning your brushes, this DIY essential oil makeup brush cleaner opens the door to a world of skincare benefits. The purifying action of essential oils can help reduce skin irritation caused by clogged pores and makeup residues. Regular use of this cleaner ensures that your brushes remain in pristine condition, delivering impeccable results every time you apply your makeup.

Ingredients For Making All-Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

To craft a DIY essential oil makeup brush cleaner that surpasses all expectations, you need to start with the finest ingredients.

Castile Soap: Castile soap, renowned for its gentle yet effective cleansing properties, forms the foundation of our cleaner. Its natural composition ensures that your brushes are thoroughly cleaned without any damage.

Organic Olive Oil: Organic olive oil is incorporated for its moisturizing attributes, keeping the brush bristles soft and supple after each wash. If you want, you can also use fractionated coconut oil instead of olive oil. 

Essential oils: Essential oils not only add a delightful fragrance but also contribute to the cleaner's antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil, celebrated for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, combats bacteria effectively. Lavender oil, on the other hand, lends a calming aroma while boasting its natural antiseptic qualities.

Together, these oils create a harmonious blend that not only cleanses but also disinfects your brushes. You can also use other essential oils of your choice. There is a wide variety of essential oils from which you can choose, like grapefruit oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, orange oil, etc. 

Essential oils, derived from nature's bounty, purify your brushes and, consequently, your skin. Take tea tree oil, for example. Its natural antibacterial properties help reduce the risk of skin irritation.

When you add a few drops to your DIY cleaner, you're not just cleaning; you're engaging in a skincare ritual. Imagine every stroke of your brush being infused with the essence of purifying oils, ensuring that your skin remains healthy and radiant. Adding essential oils is an art, and one should know the dilution ratio if you are planning to clean your set of brushes at home. 

How To Make Your Own DIY Essential Oil Makeup Brush Cleaner?

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you embark on this DIY journey, ensure you have the following supplies ready:

  • Castile soap: 2 tablespoons
  • Organic olive oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Tea tree oil: 5 drops
  • Lavender oil: 5 drops
  • Warm water: 1 cup
  • A small bowl

Step 2: Mixing the Magic Elixir

  1. Combine the castile soap and organic olive oil in a small bowl. These form the cleansing and moisturizing base of your cleaner.
  2. Add the tea tree oil and lavender oil to the mixture. These essential oils not only provide a pleasant aroma but also work their magic in disinfecting your brushes.
  3. Pour warm water into the bowl. The warm water helps in creating a uniform solution, ensuring that all ingredients blend seamlessly.
  4. Stir the mixture thoroughly until the oils and soap are well incorporated, forming a milky solution. And your natural makeup brush cleaner is ready to use. Clean your makeup brushes easily using this solution. 

Step 3: Cleaning Your Brushes to Perfection

  1. Dip your brushes into the solution. Ensure that the bristles are completely immersed, but avoid soaking the handle, as this can damage the brush over time.
  2. Gently swirl the brush in the solution, allowing the cleanser to penetrate and dissolve makeup residues.
  3. Rinse the brush under lukewarm water. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear, indicating that all traces of makeup and cleaner have been removed.
  4. Gently squeeze out excess water from the brush using a clean towel.
  5. Reshape the bristles to their original form and lay the brushes flat on a clean towel to air dry. Avoid holding the brushes vertically, as water can seep into the handle, loosening the glue and bristles of the brush.

Keep your brushes clean with this easy makeup brush cleanser DIY recipe. 

One of the distinguishing features of our DIY essential oil makeup brush cleaner is its higher concentration of natural ingredients. Unlike commercial cleaners filled with harsh chemicals, our recipe combines the expertise of a certified aromatherapist with the power of essential oils. This blend ensures a deep cleanse, eliminating not just makeup residues but also bacteria that might clog pores and irritate your skin. 

Tips On How To Clean Your Brushes The Right Way

Easy Steps to Fresh and Clean Brushes

Cleaning your brushes need not be a daunting task. Our easy essential oil makeup brush cleaner DIY simplifies the process into a few straightforward steps:

  • Dip the bristles into the essential oil makeup brush cleanser prepared by mixing castile soap, organic olive oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and warm water.
  • Swirl the bristles in a circular motion to ensure that the cleaner reaches every fiber of the brush, dissolving all traces of makeup.
  • Rinse the brush under warm water or running water until it runs clear, indicating that both the makeup and cleaner have been washed away.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and reshape the bristles.
  • Lay them flat on a towel with the bristles pointed downwards. This helps in maintaining the shape of the brush and ensures that no water seeps into the handle, prolonging the life of your brushes. This will keep your makeup brushes fresh and clean.

It is important to clean your makeup brushes regularly, and this natural cleaning method is one of the best ways to clean your brushes. When cleaning your brushes, it's crucial to remember not to soak the handle of the brush. Excessive water exposure can cause the bristles to loosen, leading to a shorter lifespan for your beloved brushes. 

Why Is It Important To Clean Makeup Brushes Regularly?

Regular cleaning of makeup brushes is paramount for achieving a flawless look and maintaining healthy skin. Unclean brushes not only compromise the texture and finish of your makeup, but they can also cause skin issues. When brushes are laden with old makeup residues, dirt, and bacteria, they can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and skin irritation.

The need to be cleaned goes beyond aesthetics; it's about preserving your skin's health. Proper cleaning involves running brushes under water, using cleaning powder, and harnessing their cleaning properties. By making cleaning a routine, your brushes stay fresh and clean, ensuring both a perfect makeup application and the well-being of your skin.

Don't forget to dry them on a clean surface after every use, allowing you to indulge in a flawless makeup routine while safeguarding your skin against potential harm.


In conclusion, the importance of regular makeup brush cleaning cannot be overstated. It is not just a cosmetic ritual but a crucial practice for maintaining a flawless look and ensuring the health of your skin.

By embracing a deep cleaning regimen, whether with a store-bought solution or a DIY essential oil recipe, you protect your brushes from becoming breeding grounds for bacteria. Essential oils, known for their antibacterial properties, elevate your cleaning routine, making it more effective and refreshing. 

Whether you clean your makeup brushes at home or seek professional help, the goal remains the same: to keep your brushes fresh, your makeup flawless, and your skin radiant. So, let the power of essential oils and the art of meticulous makeup brush cleaning be your allies on this journey, ensuring that every stroke of your brush contributes to both your beauty and your skin's well-being.

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