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Gya Labs Australian Tea Tree Oil for Skin, Hair, Face & Toenails - 100% Natural Melaleuca Tea Tree Essential Oil for Piercings, Scalp & Hair (0.34 fl oz)

  • TEA TREE OIL FOR NAILS. Tea Tree Oil may be good for the appearance of toenails and fingernails. Apply 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil drops for nails with a Carrier Oil on clean nails.
  • TEA TREE OIL FOR THE FACE. Tea Tree Oil For the Face is popular for skin use in balancing oily-looking complexions. Add Tea Tree Oil drops for the skin to make Tea Tree Oil Face Wash, skin cream, tea tree oil skin spray, and skin roll-on.
  • GOOD FOR HAIR HEALTH. Tea Tree Oil may have benefits for fuller-looking hair. Dilute 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil for the scalp with Carrier Oil to make a Tea Tree Hair Oil or mix Tea Tree Oil Hair with shampoo.
  • BLENDS WELL WITH OTHER ORGANIC OILS. Australian Tea Tree Oil blends perfectly with oils such as Lemon Essential Oil. Diffuse 2 drops of aceite de arbol de te and Lemon Oil to freshen stale spaces
  • IDEAL FOR DIY. Oil Diffuser Essential Oils Tea Tree makes clarifying homemade products, such as soap, shampoo and body wash. Add 2 drops of aromatherapy Essential Oils Tea Tree in a diffuser for 30 minutes.
  • QUALITY ASSURED FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND. Gya Labs Tea Tree Oil is made from leaves sourced from Australia and undergoes strict quality controls.
  • EXPERTLY BOTTLED & PACKAGED. Gya Labs Essential Oils are crafted with the finest botanicals. Our oils are carefully handled to deliver a premium experience for you to enjoy.
  • A TRUSTED NAME IN AROMATHERAPY OILS. Gya Labs Tea Tree Essential Oil is made from the finest Australian tea tree leaves. The result is a herbaceous, green aroma with a cooling after effect that some may find useful in creating relaxing spaces.
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