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Are Organic Oils Truly Better?


You can’t deny the appeal of organic oils. They’re often touted as purer, more eco-friendly and packed with more benefits than regular essential oils. Read on to discover if organic essential oils are really worth the hype.

What Does Organic Mean?

Organic is an approach to cosmetics that uses natural ingredients where possible. It also applies to the use of chemicals. Many consumers are interested in organic beauty products because organic products do not contain harmful chemicals.

When you see the label “organic” on your essential oils, it typically means that a certification board can guarantee your oils come from sources free of chemicals and synthetics, and have been grown with the least amount of harmful, artificial growth chemicals possible. Some boards also ensure your oils are environmentally friendly, and that’s always a good thing!

Are Organic Products Really Better?

While organic oils sound like a great idea, you might be wondering if they’re really worth the price and hype. We’re all for you making informed choices, so here’s our take on why going organic is worth it.

  • You’ll get more out of organic oils compared to regular essential oils because certified organic oils must be at least 95% pure. So you’re getting a more concentrated extract that you can enjoy for much longer.
  • You’ll feel a lot better knowing that your essential oil was responsibly sourced and you did a little extra to save the environment. Yay you!
  • If you have sensitive skin, organic essential oils contain zero harsh chemicals and irritants that can cause flare-ups, eczema and breakouts.
  • You’ll feel more assured about what goes into your essential oils since organic oils contain no growth chemicals, additives or pesticides that can harm you. You can also check the certification boards if you’re truly concerned about a particular ingredient.

How Can I Know If A Product Is Organic?

Organic has been a buzzword used in the beauty industry for a while now. Many brands may use the label “organic” to gain the trust of consumers looking to shop for natural products but under-deliver on their claims. Thankfully, there are some reliable certification boards that make sure your products are derived from organic sources and ethically produced.


The USDA is the most common seal used for organic products. The products are handled, processed and sourced according to federal guidelines to ensure your products are derived from organic sources only. The board also checks for soil quality, animal raising practices (to ensure no adorable animals are harmed), pest and weed control, and use of additives. USDA producers also have to rely on physical or mechanical means of extracting these natural oils.


ECOCERT is another certification board that adopts similar practices to the USDA. It ensures your oils are formulated with almost 95% organic ingredients and it checks the packaging to make sure they’re sustainable too! Of course, some beauty products can’t be 100% organic since certain ingredients like water, salts and minerals cannot be sourced from farming.

Recommended Organic Oils

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