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We all like a good avocado toast first thing in the morning, but were you aware that this fruit is not only fantastic for the insides of your body, but it may also be quite good for the outsides of your body? Yes! You read that right! Avocado is one of those fruits that is not only jam-packed with nutrients for your body, but also has the ability to help your skin and hair.

This is because avocado contains oleic acid, which is known to promote skin and hair health.

The maintenance of healthy hair requires a diet that is strong in omega-rich oils, both of which may be found in avocado oil, an excellent source of both. In addition to lipids, avocado oil also includes vitamin E, vitamin D, and carotenoids.

These nutrients act as a barrier that protects the hair from the potentially harmful effects of pollution and UV radiation, both of which have the potential to make the hair seem dry and brittle.

The majority of its composition is monounsaturated fats, and essential fatty acids which stop the hair from splitting and keep moisture in the hair strands.

In this article, we are going to talk about how avocado oil could be a good option for those who are looking to stimulate the development of their hair in a manner that not just makes it healthy but also strong (1).

Benefits Of Avocado Oil For Hair

1. It Strengthens Hair From The Roots

Avocado oil has a variety of useful components, some of which may increase the flow of blood to the scalp and provide nourishment to the hair. It is possible to fortify and repair individual strands of hair, and at the same time, the overall quality of the hair may be improved.

Avocado oil has the ability to make the hair smooth and shiny if it is applied to the hair on a regular basis. Additionally, avocado oil has the additional advantage of lowering the possibility of hair breakage if it is applied to the hair over a long period of time (2).

If the hair is dry and brittle, the likelihood of it breaking or splitting is increased. It is feasible to apply pure avocado oil to individual strands of hair in order to make the hair more manageable and to prevent breakage. As a result of this, there is a reduced risk that your hair will get damaged. It is important to treat one's hair with gentle loving care in order to avoid damage.

2. Promotes Hair Growth Of New Hair Strands

The biotin that can be found in avocado oil is attributed with the potential to increase and accelerate the formation of hair, as well as make it thicker and longer.

Additionally, it is believed that this biotin may make hair seem longer and thicker. Avocado oil helps hair retain its natural moisture and promotes hair growth for all hair types just like coconut oil (3).

When you apply avocado oil directly, it helps promote blood circulation in the scalp region. According to the findings of one research, nutrients such as those present in avocado oil may help seal cuticle cells, which in turn helps to prevent hair from splitting at the ends.

3. Makes Hair Shiny And Smooth

Avocado oil is extremely rich in fatty acids, all of which help to the glossy appearance of the hair by working together with one another to provide the desired effect. Not only does using avocado oil to the hair for an extended period of time eliminate frizzy hair, but it also enhances the overall hair health and makes it shine.

In addition to this, it helps improve the condition of hair that is dry and brittle in a way that adds to the overall improvement of hair care. It has been shown that using avocado oil on split ends might be an effective therapy for the condition and may also prevent hair loss in the long run (4).

4. Encourages The Development Of A Healthy Scalp

If you massage avocado oil into your scalp on a daily basis, you can prevent dandruff and keep your scalp from becoming flaky. This oil has a high concentration of vitamins which are beneficial to the scalp since they nourish and moisturise it.

After applying this oil, the scalp will be both healthy and well hydrated. In addition to this, it increases the volume of blood that travels to the scalp, which, in turn, stimulates the formation of new hair (5).

If the skin on the scalp is healthy, it may give the appearance that the hair itself is in better condition than it really is. This is because the skin on the scalp covers the hair follicles. If the skin on your scalp is dry or flaky, it may be good to apply oil to it before you wash your hair and condition it. This step may be done before you wash your hair.

This is because the oil has the capacity to retain moisture and promote hair growth. Using it in the form of a hot oil treatment will be extremely beneficial once a week.

5. Protects The Hair From Being Harmed In Any Way

Because of the vitamin e content that avocado oil has, it is possible to shield your hair from the damaging effects of the environment, such as UV rays and the dust that results from air pollution, if you leave avocado oil in your hair. This is one of many possible benefits. It protects hair by acting as a barrier and preventing any damage from being done (6).

Pollution and extreme heat are two of the environmental elements that may cause harm to a person's hair, but there are others as well. If avocado oil is massaged into the scalp and hair, it has the potential to protect hair from some of the detrimental effects that might result from being exposed to the outside world and also prevent breakage. Spread a very thin coating of avocado oil mixed with coconut oil like a hair mask over the hair surface to ensure maximum hair care.

How To Use Avocado Oil For Hair?

Since you are now aware of the benefits of avocado oil, you may be wondering how you can easily include it into your existing routine for the treatment of damaged hair. In order to obtain the desired effect of giving your mane a shining appearance with this oil, the following are some guidelines for making use of this product.

1. Start Using A Chemical Free Shampoo That Has Avocado In Its Ingredient List

If you want to take advantage of all of the benefits that come along with using shampoo that contains avocado oil, you should make it a point to purchase shampoo that contains avocado oil the next time you go shopping for shampoo.

This will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits that are associated with using shampoo that contains pure avocado oil. It is probable that incorporating this oil into your routine in this manner is one of the most effective methods to make use of it, and as such, you should give serious consideration to doing so.

2. Massage Pure Avocado Oil Into Your Scalp

If you gently massage your scalp with avocado oil, you will not only be able to prevent dandruff and help get rid of a flaky scalp, but you will also be stimulating healthy hair growth. This is because avocado oil contains oleic acid, which prevents hair follicles from producing sebum, the oily substance that produces dandruff.

Avocado hair oil not only nourishes the hair when it is massaged into the scalp and unclogs blocked hair follicles, but it also helps to strengthen the hair from the roots to the ends when used in scalp massage (7).

Gently carry out a scalp massage using a circular motion to carry out a hot oil hair treatment to stimulate blood flow, improve scalp health and encourage growth.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, like lavender essential oil, tea tree oil or peppermint oil to enhance the experience. However, be sure to mix the essential oil with avocado oil before applying or you can end up with sensitive skin.

3. Use It As A Treatment For Your Hair By Applying It To Your Scalp

You may use it as an avocado hair mask by mixing it with honey and lemon juice and applying it to your hair. Rinse hair after the time it has been sitting there for an hour and two hours. When you're through using this product, your hair will be left looking shiny and feeling smooth and silky.

The first thing you need to do is put one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil and five teaspoons of avocado oil into a glass jar and mix it all together. You may add your favorite essential oil as well.

The second step is to apply the treatment to damp hair that has been well cleaned and conditioned with your favorite leave-in conditioner, then let it on for one to two hours before rinsing it out completely with hot water and blow drying the hair.

Concerning Safety And Other Precautions

Before using a few oils on one's hair for the first time, a person should first do a patch test on a small section of their skin to ensure that they are not allergic to the product. This guarantees that the oil will not result in any undesirable reactions from the body.

You should seek medical treatment and discontinue use of the product as soon as possible if it causes irritated skin, redness, swelling or vomitting. There are some people who are allergic to avocados, and such individuals need to exercise an extremely high degree of care when they are around the fruit since they might have a reaction.

It is always great practice to check in with a medical practitioner prior to incorporating any kind of oil into your normal routine in order to acquire their advice and suggestions. This may be done at any point in the process to ensure you're safe and to educate yourself of the benefits of avocado oil.


We are constantly experimenting with a few natural oils, whether it be coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. These oils have been around for a very long time, and people from many different countries and traditions have used them in hair treatments throughout the course of their history.

All this makes avocado oil one of the most delectably rich oils that can not only be used by all hair types but is one of the best oils out there for healthy hair growth!

Although applying avocado oil on the hair can leave you with some favourable results (8), only using the oil for a prolonged period of time can help maintain them.

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