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Frankincense Essential Oil Spiritual Benefits

Because of its medicinal and aromatic properties, frankincense has been used since 1500 BCE. (1) It is a resin that has a strong scent. It is widely believed that the three wise men presented Jesus with a gift of frankincense as one of their gifts given thousands of years ago.

Frankincense has a long history of being used in religious and spiritual practices worldwide. It also had its place in old French history. It grows well in Africa and the Middle east and across the Arabian peninsula. Frankincense is still widely popular.

Frankincense is also commonly used in religious ceremonies around the world and is employed in the practice of meditation (2) and is characterized as having a blend of spicy and woodsy perfume. It is believed by a large number of individuals that it may assist in bringing about the purification of the mind, body, and soul. (3)

Because it revitalizes and nourishes the skin at the same time, it is often found as an ingredient in skincare products that are formulated specifically for ageing skin issues. The purifying effects of frankincense essential oil is extremely beneficial to those who are striving to cure both psychological and physical illnesses at the same time.

For the treatment of a broad range of physical ailments as well as the settlement of emotional issues that may be the fundamental cause of certain physical symptoms, the use of frankincense's balancing properties and healing power may be therapeutic. (4) Keep reading to find out more!

Spiritual Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Since ancient times, people have turned to frankincense for the treatment of illnesses that impact not just the body but also the mind and soul. It is possible to use it as a treatment for skin care, to assist in the strengthening of the lungs, and it is also possible to use it for meditation and the cultivation of inner peace. In the past, it was used in the practice of Ayurvedic medicine.

In addition to this, research suggests that the frankincense oil extract may be able to prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. If you are looking to cleanse your thoughts, brighten your aura, or move into more supportive terrain on your spiritual path, frankincense has the ability to guide you in the right direction.

1. Cleanses The Mind, Body, And Spirit

As an energy cleanser, frankincense also functions very well. The use of frankincense in places of worship and spiritual practice as a means of purifying one's aura dates back many years. This indicates that smoking frankincense resin will assist in cleansing and realign your chakras, which will ultimately lead to a sense of comfort and harmony inside your body.

Smudging with this resin while chanting mantras is an effective way to purify not just oneself but also certain things, your house, and the environment around you. It also promotes oral health.

2. Helps Reduces Stress

Because of its calming and purifying properties, frankincense oil is used to reduce feelings of anxiety and tension. (5) Burning frankincense may result in a more tranquil and clear state of mind, and it may also have psychedelic qualities.

3. Helps Relieve Anxiety And Depression

According to one scientific study, frankincense incense burning also alleviates symptoms of anxiety and despair. This finding is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the research. (6) Boswellic acids present in frankincense may help treat a variety of illnesses.

Even though this holy incense is not a miracle treatment for mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, those who experience either of these conditions may find that using frankincense helps to lessen the severity of their symptoms and complements other forms of treatment such as therapy.

4. Helps In Meditation

Frankincense comes from the boswellia tree which is native to Somalia and regions of Pakistan, especially combined with myrrh to reduce feelings of anxiety naturally makes it an effective aid to meditation. When you meditate, burning frankincense extract can help you maintain mindfulness, which is the ability to pay attention to your thoughts and sensations without allowing yourself to get swept up in feelings of anxiety or tension. It works well combined with lavender essential oil.

5. Increases Faith In God

Naturally, the holy incense that was burned at the time Jesus was born that was also used in societies as far back as ancient China and Egypt. Since ancient times, those who are religious or spiritual have turned to the usage of frankincense as a means to facilitate communication with God, their spiritual practitioners, ancestors, angels, and loved ones who have passed away. Frankincense is known to bring one closer to the lord.

6. Boosts Confidence And Improves Mental Agility

The essential oil of frankincense, which has a woodsy and spicy aroma, may help calm your mind due as frankincense carries healing properties. It can potentially keep negative thoughts away and assist you in focusing. It is an anchor for your floundering soul and works best when you need that little boost to build inner confidence and improve mental agility. The use of frankincense oil, aromatherapy, has a significant impact on one's self-image. The oil has been used for many spiritual purposes.

7. Aids Emotional Healing

The fragrance of frankincense essential oil is exceptionally delightfully warming, woodsy, and spicy. It is used for emotional detox. It was believed that frankincense would strengthen one's spirituality while also warding off hostile forces; in aromatherapy, the high-quality incense of frankincense is used to alleviate feelings of fear and anxiety that can cloud one's sense of judgment and optimism.

Frankincense is believed to be used for centuries in sacred and religious rituals because it was thought to do both. When one feels ill, using its oil may be especially helpful in strengthening mental resilience and increasing self-esteem. Its antioxidant properties make it great for skin.

8. Helps With Sleep

A calming effect is produced due to the aroma of frankincense essential oil. People are more likely to fall asleep due to the anti-inflammatory properties and therapeutic advantages of frankincense. When surrounded by this scent, your mind will be at ease all the time, and it will get easier to tackle insomnia due to its healing benefits. (7)

The soothing scent of this essential oil makes it great for helping people with sleep-related issues. Add frankincense to your routine to check it out for yourself.

How Frankincense Affects Chakras

The first chakra is called the Root Chakra. Frankincense assists in distancing oneself from emotions of dread, despair, and isolation, which are all symptoms of an imbalance in the first chakra. (8)

The sacral chakra is the second chakra. One who struggles with emotions of low self-esteem might benefit from using frankincense since it assists in the exorcism of demonic spirits, also known as low-frequency thoughts, as well as negativity.

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra. Frankincense can help to restore emotional equilibrium and facilitates the letting go of tension and anxiety when applied to the third chakra. (9)

The fourth chakra is known as the heart chakra. Frankincense oil also aids in restoring equilibrium and easing tension in the respiratory system, facilitating the free passage of energy to the heart chakra.

The fifth chakra is known as the throat chakra. Frankincense incense may contribute to the maintenance of one's inner force and vigor. In addition to that, it helps one to hear the divine counsel better. All of these things may be accomplished by achieving a balance of emotions inside the emotional glands and releasing the energies that are associated with fear. Additionally, frankincense may soothe a sore throat and stop the development of oral infections so facilitating clear communication and the opening of the throat chakra. (10)

In the sixth chakra, frankincense is burned to bring oneself out of a state of unconscious thinking, to open the third eye, and to draw oneself ever-so-slightly closer to conscious thought.

In the seventh chakra, frankincense is used for meditation to quiet the mind and be raised to a higher frequency. This is accomplished by using frankincense. Additionally, frankincense incense sticks are burned before meditation to purify and cleanse both the practitioner and the space around them. (11)

How to Use

Apply one or two drops to a spot on your skin that is clean and unbroken. A few drops applied to the wrists, shoulders, temples, or neck will fill the air with a robust scent. Note that frankincense should not be used directly to the face without first being diluted and that it should only be applied directly to the skin without first being diluted for scent since it is too concentrated.

1. Blend with a Carrier Oil: Apply three drops of the essential oil to one tablespoon of carrier oil, such as grapeseed oil and then massage the mixture into any part of the body that needs to be healed. Specific properties found in frankincense can heal skin cells.

2. Use in Shower: Soak for at least two to three minutes in a hot shower, then, with the water turned away from the body, let five to six drops fall into the palm of your hand and spread them all over your body after you have showered. Very fast, the oil will infiltrate the body. The antiseptic properties found in this essential oil will help keep infections at bay and will improve overall skin health.

3. Diffuser Method: Add roughly eight drops in total and let the smell diffuse in the room.

4. Spray: Add 15 drops of essential oil to 2 ounces of distilled water, then spray the mixture in the room.

5. Try to burn frankincense resin for calm and peace of mind.


Frankincense, like other types of incense, can help cleanse the air around you as well as your mind. The light and smokey aroma may help cut through the noise and clear the route for you if you have the impression that your area, both internally and externally, is a bit congested. It is also thought that frankincense might serve as an excellent treatment for those who require an emotional release.

If you are sick and weary of something's grip on you, its aroma and energy may be just what you need to break free of its shackles and go on with your life. There are many different types of meditation and mindfulness activities that might benefit from using frankincense. This oil can help you on its own or can be combined with a variety of essential oil blends as well.

In the end, regardless of whether you engage in spiritual practice or not, frankincense, along with other types of resins, has the ability to improve both your state of mind and your mood. Using two to three drops of frankincense essential oil may be helpful if you struggle with stress or anxiety regularly.

Finally, give your mind some time to adjust and then enrich your life and watch your chakras align.

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