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Where To Buy Natural & Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil For Aromatherapy?

Disclaimer - The information provided in this blog, including any linked materials herein, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. For accurate and personalized recommendations, please consult with your specialists.

Welcome to the fragrant realm of natural and organic Clary Sage essential oil – a botanical elixir that holds the power to transform your aromatherapy experience.

If you're on a quest for the finest quality, customer-approved drops of this herbaceous wonder, you've come to the right place.

In this guide, we'll navigate the landscape of where to buy the best Clary Sage essential oil, exploring everything from its native Mediterranean origins to its application in skin and hair care.

What Is Clary Sage Essential Oil?

Clary Sage essential oil is a potent and aromatic oil extracted from the flowering herb Salvia sclarea, commonly known as Clary Sage. Salvia sclarea is a perennial native to the Mediterranean region. It is a medicinal herb, it typically grows 3–4 feet tall. It is extracted through steam distillation from the flowering tops of the Clary Sage plant.

This herb is native to the Mediterranean region and has been cultivated for centuries for its various medicinal and aromatic properties. It is cultivated in countries like France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, North Africa, some parts of Italy, England, and USA. The essential oil is obtained through a process called steam distillation, where the fragrant compounds are extracted from the plant's leaves and flowers.

Clary Sage oil is renowned for its complex chemical composition, which includes key constituents such as linalool, linalyl acetate, myrcene, and sclareol. These compounds contribute to the oil's distinctive scent and therapeutic effects.

The aroma of Clary Sage essential oil is characterized by its sweet, herbaceous, and slightly fruity fragrance. It is pale yellow to clear in appearance, reflecting its purity and high quality.

Where To Buy Clary Sage Oil?

Following are some of the factors that should be considered before making a purchase decision:

1. Certified Organic Suppliers

Begin your search by exploring suppliers who offer certified organic Clary Sage Oil. Organic certification ensures that the oil is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, preserving its natural purity. Look for labels that proudly display their commitment to organic standards.

2. Reputable Health Food Stores

Many health food stores specialize in providing high-quality essential oils. Seek out stores with a reputation for offering a diverse selection of natural and organic products. Staff knowledgeable about essential oils can be valuable resources for your purchase.

3. Specialized Aromatherapy Retailers

Consider exploring specialized aromatherapy retailers that focus specifically on essential oils. These vendors often have a deep understanding of the products they offer, ensuring a curated selection of premium oils, including Clary Sage. Order a 30 oz bottle for trial. 

4. Online Retail Platforms

Online platforms provide a convenient avenue for purchasing Clary Sage Oil. Reputable websites often include detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and information about the oil's origin. Ensure the website prioritizes transparency and provides clear details about the oil's purity.

5. Local Farmers' Markets or Co-ops

For those who prefer a more personal touch, local farmers' markets or co-ops may offer Clary Sage Oil from regional producers. Engaging directly with sellers allows you to inquire about the oil's sourcing and production methods.

Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil

1. Emotional Balance

Clary Sage oil is revered for its euphoric properties, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. As research suggests, Inhaling its aroma or using it in aromatherapy may aid in managing stress and uplifting mood.

2. Hormonal Support

It’s often used to support hormonal balance, especially in women. Clary Sage oil may help alleviate menstrual discomfort and ease symptoms of PMS.

3. Skin and Hair Health

When diluted with a carrier oil, it can contribute to healthy skin and hair. Its antimicrobial properties might aid in managing acne, while its moisturizing effects can nourish the scalp and hair.

4. Aromatherapy Benefits

Widely used in aromatherapy, according to research, Clary Sage oil creates a serene atmosphere, fostering relaxation during meditation or moments of mindfulness.

5. Relaxation and Sleep Support

Its calming properties may help alleviate anxiety, promoting better sleep and relaxation. Adding a few drops to a diffuser before bedtime can induce a tranquil environment.

6. Pain Management

Clary Sage oil is believed to possess analgesic properties, making it beneficial for managing minor aches and pains, including headaches and muscle tension.

7. Digestive Aid

When used in aromatherapy or diluted and massaged onto the abdomen, it may assist in easing digestive discomfort.

8. Antioxidant Effects

Studies suggest that Clary Sage oil exhibits antioxidant properties, potentially aiding in neutralizing free radicals and supporting overall health.

9. Mood Enhancement

Its pleasant aroma contributes to mental clarity and relaxation, fostering a positive and balanced state of mind.

10. Holistic Wellness

Incorporating Clary Sage oil into holistic health routines, like massages or meditation, promotes a sense of overall well-being.

Applications Of Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil | How To Use Clary Sage Oil?

1. Aromatherapy

  • Diffusion: Add a few drops of Clary Sage oil to an essential oil diffuser. The aromatic mist can help create a calming and stress-relieving environment.
  • Inhalation: Inhale the aroma directly from the bottle or by placing a drop on a tissue. This method is effective for quick relaxation.

2. Topical Application

  • Diluted Massage Oils: Mix a few drops of Clary Sage oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil. Gently massage the diluted mixture onto the skin. This is beneficial for promoting relaxation and addressing skin concerns. When applied topically, it helps in improving overall skin quality. 
  • Bath Soak: Add a few drops of Clary Sage oil to a warm bath. The diluted oil can be absorbed through the skin, promoting overall well-being. It helps relax both mind and body. 

3. Hair and Skincare

  • Shampoo or Conditioner Boost: Mix a drop or two of Clary Sage oil into your pet's shampoo or conditioner to promote a healthy coat and skin.
  • Facial Steam: Incorporate Clary Sage oil into facial steam for its skin-nourishing and revitalizing properties.

4. Compress

  • Hot or Cold Compress: Add a few drops of Clary Sage oil to hot or cold water, soak a cloth, and apply it as a compress to areas of discomfort. This method can assist with muscle relaxation and soothing.

5. DIY Products

  • Homemade Candles: Infuse homemade candles with Clary Sage oil for a pleasant, calming atmosphere.
  • Natural Deodorant: Blend Clary Sage oil with other essential oils and natural ingredients to create a refreshing and effective natural deodorant.

6. Room and Linen Spray

  • DIY Spray: Mix Clary Sage oil with water in a spray bottle to create a natural room or linen spray. This not only imparts a delightful fragrance but also promotes a serene ambiance.

Clary Sage Oil Blends Well With Which Other Essential Oils?

Clary Sage oil possesses a distinctive, earthy aroma that blends seamlessly with various other essential oils, creating harmonious and synergistic combinations. Here are some essential oils that pair exceptionally well with Clary Sage:

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil complements Clary Sage with its calming and floral notes. This blend is ideal for promoting relaxation and creating a serene atmosphere.

2. Bergamot Essential Oil 

The citrusy and uplifting scent of Bergamot combines well with Clary Sage, offering a balanced blend that can enhance mood and reduce stress.

3. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil 

Known for its soothing properties, Roman Chamomile complements Clary Sage, making it a wonderful combination for relaxation and promoting restful sleep.

4. Geranium Essential Oil 

Geranium oil adds a sweet and floral element to Clary Sage, creating a blend that may help balance emotions and support overall well-being.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil 

Frankincense, with its woody and resinous aroma, pairs seamlessly with Clary Sage. Together, they can create a grounding and spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

6. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 

Ylang Ylang's sweet and exotic fragrance harmonizes with Clary Sage, offering a sensual and mood-enhancing blend that may help alleviate stress.

7. Cedarwood Essential Oil 

The warm and woody notes of Cedarwood complement Clary Sage, providing a grounding and earthy aroma that can be used for relaxation and focus.

8. Juniper Berry Essential Oil 

Juniper Berry oil, with its fresh and crisp scent, pairs well with Clary Sage, creating an invigorating blend that may help cleanse the air.

9. Patchouli Essential Oil 

Patchouli's earthy and musky aroma combines with Clary Sage, resulting in a rich and grounding blend that can be used for meditation or as a natural perfume.

10. Lemon Essential Oil 

The bright and uplifting scent of Lemon oil can add a refreshing twist to Clary Sage, creating a revitalizing blend that promotes a positive atmosphere.

11. Vetiver Oil

Vetiver's deep, earthy scent complements the grounding nature of Clary Sage.

12. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood adds a rich, warm, and woody note to the blend, enhancing its complexity and providing an additional layer of tranquility.

13. Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil introduces an invigorating and herbal aroma that pairs well with the earthy and herbal tones of Clary Sage, creating a refreshing and energizing blend.

Safety Precautions To Take

1. Dilution: Always dilute Clary Sage oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut, jojoba, or sweet almond oil) before applying it to the skin. A common dilution ratio is one to two drops of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil.

2. Patch Test: Perform a patch test by applying a small diluted amount of Clary Sage oil to a small area of your skin to check for any allergic reactions or skin sensitivities before widespread use.

3. Avoid Sensitive Areas: Refrain from applying undiluted Clary Sage oil to sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears, mucous membranes, or broken skin to prevent irritation.

4. Pregnancy and Nursing: Consult with a healthcare professional before using Clary Sage oil, especially during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, as it may affect hormone levels.

5. Sensitivity and Allergies: Individuals with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma should exercise caution when using essential oils. Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur.

6. Quality and Purity: Purchase Clary Sage oil from reputable sources that prioritize high-quality, pure oils. Look for organic, third-party tested products to ensure authenticity.

7. Storage: Store Clary Sage oil in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat to maintain its potency. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

8. Medication Interactions: If you're taking medications or have any underlying health conditions, consult a healthcare professional before using Clary Sage oil, as it may interact with certain medications.

9. Inhalation Safety: While diffusing Clary Sage oil, ensure proper ventilation. Prolonged exposure to concentrated aromas may cause headaches or respiratory irritation in some individuals.

10. Use Moderation: Use Clary Sage oil in moderation. More does not always mean better when it comes to essential oils, as they are highly concentrated substances.

11. Safety During Activities: Avoid using Clary Sage oil before activities that require full concentration, such as driving, as its relaxing effects may cause drowsiness in some individuals.


In conclusion, the journey through the realm of Clary Sage essential oil unveils a world of natural splendor and holistic well-being.

From its origins in the Mediterranean to its myriad applications in self-care, its benefits resonate across emotional, physical, and aromatherapeutic domains. The quest for this botanical treasure urges discernment in sourcing, emphasizing organic, high-quality selections for a pure and potent experience.

Embrace its calming aroma, fostering relaxation and balance, while exercising caution and mindfulness in its use. Let each drop of Clary Sage oil symbolize a harmonious blend of nature's essence and conscious self-care, enriching your aromatic journey with tranquility and vitality.

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