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A root-nourishing carrier oil to stimulate shinier, healthier-growing hair. It also works for eyelashes.

Key Benefits
● Moisturizes & nourishes dry scalps
● Promotes longer, fuller-growing hair
● Enhance eyelash & eyebrow thickness

Carrier Oil
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Castor Carrier Oil?

Castor Carrier Oil nourishes roots and stimulates hair follicles for glowing, supple hair. It also thickens your eyebrows for that captivating gaze. When used on skin, it helps to reduce acne breakouts while providing moisture to dry skin.


How do you use Castor Carrier Oil?

Our Carrier Oils can be used on their own for their nourishing benefits for both skin and hair. They can also be used to dilute Essential Oils for safe usage on skin. Combine 1-2 drops of your preferred Essential Oil with a tablespoon of our Carrier Oils to enjoy their combined benefits.

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