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Essential Oil Roll-Ons For The Body, Mind, And Wellness

What Are Roll-Ons

Small but mighty essential oil roll-ons are great on-the-go remedies to some everyday concerns. They are already diluted with carrier oils and come with a stainless steel rollerball so you can safely and conveniently apply them to your skin whenever you want to. On top of that, some roll-ons are made with special blends to target specific concerns.

Roll-Ons For Daily Concerns

Roll-Ons for Skincare

Frankincense Essential Oil Roll-On For Dry Skin
Frankincense Roll-On is a hydrating blend that soothes dry, flaky skin and leaves a comforting scent that leaves you feeling a little more relaxed.

Tea Tree Essential Oil Roll-On For Acne
Save your skin with our super cleansing Tea Tree Roll-On. It clears breakouts, and soothes skin irritations for flawless-looking skin and better confidence!

Roll-Ons for Headaches

Migraine Manager Roll-On For Pounding Migraines
A blend of peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils, this roll-on is sure to soothe away pounding migraines for a clearer, calmer headspace.

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On For Tension Headaches
If blends aren’t your thing, then go with an all-natural Lavender Roll-On. It’s sure to soothe away tension headaches and leave you feeling relaxed. Bonus: it smells heavenly!

Roll-Ons For Focus

Vetiver Essential Oil Roll-On To Calm The Mind
Stay calm under pressure with the grounding scent of the vetiver. This earthy and woodsy scent is sure to destress and refocus your mind while you’re on the go.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Roll-On To Uplift Senses
Minty and herbaceous, Eucalyptus Roll-On has a refreshing scent that perks up low moods and sharpens focus so you can be back on your A-game.

Roll-Ons For Sleep

Sleep Well Roll-On For Deep Sleep
This blend of lavender, roman chamomile, lemon, petitgrain & sweet orange is sure to get you snoozing in no time, so you can take a break from running thoughts and insomnia.

Patchouli Essential Oil Roll-On For Sweeter Slumber
A floral and sweet scent that relaxes the mind, this roll-on is great for bedtime rituals to put the mind at ease and leave you feeling comforted for a good night’s sleep.

Roll-Ons For Health

Health Guard Roll-On For Stronger Immunity
Be ready to take on the world with this essential oil blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, and sweet orange. These ingredients boost the body’s immunity so you feel strong and healthy for anything that comes.

Breathe Easy Roll-On For The Common Cold
The onset of flu or colds can be extremely pesky and uncomfortable. This roll-on is made with a blend that is sure to clear congestion and soothe coughs and sniffles.

How To Use Roll-Ons

Roll-ons can be used anywhere on your body. Pick the desired spot on your skin and simply roll the roller ball over it and you’ve successfully applied the blend! It’s that easy. Of course, some parts of the body are better at absorbing the healing properties of essential oils such as:

  • Inner wrists
  • Behind the ears
  • On the temples

These areas are close to the blood vessels which ensure that the nutrients from the essential oils are absorbed and spread throughout your body.

Gya Labs Best-Selling Roll-Ons

Roll away everyday concerns and enjoy every moment with Gya Labs best-selling essential oil roll-ons.

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