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Star Anise Oil

Essential Oil
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Star Anise Oil
Essential Oil
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Star anise essential oil is a highly aromatic oil extracted from the seeds of the star anise plant (Illicium verum). It is a popular ingredient in many different products, including soaps, perfumes, and candles, as well as in traditional medicine and aromatherapy. Made with a potent spice, our Star Anise Essential Oil is soothing for unwinding stressed-out minds & a better, deeper sleep.

  • Add 2-3 drops of star anise oil to a carrier oil like sweet almond oil and gently massage on your pressure points.
  • Add 2-3 drops of star anise oil to bath water for a calming effect.
  • You can also add star anise oil to a diffuser.
  • It is excellent for aromatherapy and may help soothe your mind
  • It goes well with other essential oils and is generally safe to use
  • It has a warm and sweet aroma that can be used to make scented products.
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