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Vitamin C Pack For Face – Benefits and Homemade Recipe

Disclaimer - The information provided in this blog, including any linked materials herein, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. For accurate and personalized recommendations, please consult with your specialists.

Vitamin C for the skin has gained traction in recent years. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body and for healthy skin. There are several serums, lotions, ointments and creams made with Vitamin C. What’s so great about Vitamin C, you ask? Vitamin C is a powerhouse that has numerous health benefits.

This vitamin is considered a panache for skin problems, acne breakouts, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and skin infections. It fortifies the skin internally while repairing it from the outside. One of the common products is a Vitamin C pack for the face.

Now, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, but humans cannot make this vitamin, many animals can. All animals had the ability to make Vitamin C due a gene called the GULO gene. But, somewhere during evolution, humans lost this gene. But we are not alone; other animals including apes, bats and some bats have lost it too.

Now we have to rely on food to get the Vitamin C. These food items include green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, bell pepper and strawberries. Vitamin C is essential for the skin as it protects the skin. And it also promotes the production of collagen.

The journal Nutrients published a complete analysis of Vitamin C and its effect on the skin in 2017 (1). The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology also published a 2017 study which concluded that Vitamin C had antioxidative, photo-protective, anti-aging and anti pigmentary effects (2).

Why Choose Vitamin C Face Pack in Your Skincare Routine?

While Vitamin C can be found in various formulations, the allure of a concentrated Vitamin C face pack holds a unique charm. Let's delve into the reasons why opting for a Vitamin C face pack can be a game-changer in your skincare routine.

The vitamin c face pack ensures that your skin receives an intense burst of Vitamin C's beneficial properties, promoting a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion.

  • While serums and creams infused with Vitamin C have their merits, a face pack offers distinct advantages. Serums, for instance, are lightweight and often designed to be layered under other products.

  • On the other hand, a face pack provides a concentrated application that stays on the skin for an extended period, allowing for deeper penetration and absorption.

  • As you apply a Vitamin C face pack, the nourishing ingredients penetrate into the skin's layers, reaching areas that might not be as effectively targeted by other products.

  • This ensures that the benefits of Vitamin C pack for face reaches even the innermost cells, promoting collagen synthesis, combating free radicals, and revitalizing your skin from within.

  • Furthermore, a face pack allows for a prolonged contact time with your skin. This extended exposure enhances the efficacy of the treatment, ensuring that the Vitamin C has ample time to work its magic.

In conclusion, choosing a Vitamin C face pack is a strategic step in your skincare journey. The advantages of a concentrated Vitamin C treatment, coupled with its targeted and deep-penetrating benefits, set it apart as a transformative addition to your routine.

While other Vitamin C-infused products play their roles, a face pack offers a moment of pampering that goes beyond the surface, inviting you to experience the true potential of this skincare superstar. Elevate your self-care rituals with the captivating allure of a Vitamin C face pack, and watch as your skin blooms with newfound radiance and vitality.

Vitamin C Face Pack: Benefits

Before learning how to make a face pack with all natural ingredients, it is important to know how Vitamin C helps the skin.

1. Antioxidant Effect of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant agent. When applied on the skin, the skin absorbs and stores the Vitamin C and uses it to protect itself from harmful environmental factors. The ultraviolet rays of the sun, pollution that has become a part of daily lives and smoking and drinking are all the factors that result in excess free radicals in the body. These free radicals are unstable in nature and harm the body. The antioxidant Vitamin C neutralizes the excess free radicals in the body.

2. Vitamin C for Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein that provides structural support to the skin, tendons and ligament. To synthesize this protein, the body needs Vitamin C.

A 2015 study published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology divided 60 healthy females into two groups.

One group was given a Vitamin C solution and the other group was given a placebo solution for facial application. After a period of 2 months, the ultrasonographic images showed that the group that used Vitamin C solution has increased collagen synthesis (3).

3. Vitamin C Skin Lightening Effect

Vitamin C is renowned for its skin whitening or lightening effect. There is an enzyme called tyrosinase that transforms the amino acids to melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives the skin a color. Vitamin C inhibits the function of tyrosinase, thereby lightening the skin color.

A 2019 study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology it was reported that Vitamin C is a strong anti pigmenting compound and could be used to prevent photoaging. It was effective in reducing pigmentation due to exposure to UV rays. The benefits of using Vitamin C face treat work for those with dry skin as well. It results in a good complexion and smooth glowing skin.

4. Using Vitamin C For Vitamin E

Another important nutrient for the skin is Vitamin E. However, overexposure to sunlight decreases the amount of Vitamin E.

Vitamin C as the primary replenisher of Vitamin E has been studied in a 2017 research published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

Natural Homemade Vitamin C Pack for Face | Vitamin C Face Mask Recipes

To make a Vitamin C face pack at home there is no need to buy exquisite products. It is made with products that are easily available. Make vitamin c face mask at home with simple ingredients like glycerin, organic almond and orange peel powder.

It has the ability to reduce fine lines, excess oil, and improve acne scars on common skin. It offers protection and healing to the skin. Homemade vitamin C face mask contains all the goodness of vitamin c. Mix all the ingredients available in the markets as mentioned here.

Recipe #1 - Vitamin C Face Pack for Face


  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of orange powder or Vitamin C powder or orange peels
  • Bottle of rose water
  • 1 tablespoon of yogurt
  • Turmeric powder or 1 drop of turmeric essential oil

Instructions for Vitamin C Pack for Face

  • If you are using orange peels, then dry the peels under sunlight for two days and grind it to a powder.
  • Next, take a bowl and mix the orange powder, honey and curd. Mix well.
  • To this concoction add a pinch of turmeric powder or a drop of turmeric essential oil.
  • Pour rose water and mix well.
  • Clean your face and apply this concoction to the face.
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes till the mask dries.
  • Wash it off with cold water

Recipe #2 - Citrus Delight Face Pack


  • 1 tablespoon orange juice (freshly squeezed)

  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

  • 1 tablespoon honey

  • 2 tablespoons yogurt


  • Mix the orange juice, lemon juice, honey, and yogurt in a bowl until well combined.

  • Apply the mixture to your clean face using your fingertips or a brush.

  • Leave the pack on for about 15-20 minutes.

  • Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

  • Apply your regular moisturizer.

Recipe #3 - Strawberry Bliss Face Pack


  • 4-5 ripe strawberries

  • 1 teaspoon honey

  • 1 teaspoon yogurt


  • Mash the strawberries with a fork until you get a smooth paste.

  • Add honey and yogurt to the mashed strawberries and mix well.

  • Apply the mixture to your face, avoiding the eye area.

  • Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

  • Wash off with cool water and gently pat your skin dry.

Recipe #4 - Tropical Glow Face Pack


  • 1 tablespoon mashed papaya

  • 1 teaspoon pineapple juice (freshly squeezed)

  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Combine the mashed papaya, pineapple juice, and honey in a bowl.

  • Mix well to form a paste.

  • Apply the mixture to your face and neck.

  • Relax for 15-20 minutes.

  • Rinse off with lukewarm water and follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Recipe #5 - Orange Peel Serum for Face


  • 1 tablespoon dried orange peel powder (made from organic orange peels)

  • 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel

  • 1 teaspoon glycerin

  • 3-4 drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)


  • Start by making dried orange peel powder:

  • Collect organic orange peels and allow them to dry naturally in a cool, dry place for a few days.

  • Once the peels are completely dry, grind them into a fine powder using a grinder or food processor.

  • In a small bowl, combine the dried orange peel powder, aloe vera gel, and glycerin.

  • If using Vitamin E oil, add a few drops to the mixture and stir well. Vitamin E oil helps nourish and protect the skin.

  • Mix all the ingredients until you get a smooth and consistent serum-like texture

DIY Vitamin C Face Pack Without Any Essential Oils

Would you like to learn about How to make a vitamin C face pack without using any of our amazing essential oils?
We've got you covered! Here is a recipe just for you -

How To Make Vitamin C Serum From Orange Peel Powder

Creating your own Vitamin C serum from orange peel powder is a fantastic way to harness the skin-loving benefits of Vitamin C in a natural and effective form. Packed with antioxidants, this serum can help brighten your complexion, fade dark spots, and promote a healthy glow. Here's how to make vitamin c serum from orange peel powder.


  • 1 tablespoon orange peel powder (made from dried and ground organic orange peels)

  • 1 teaspoon distilled water

  • 1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin

  • 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel

  • 3-4 drops of Vitamin E oil (optional, for added nourishment)


  • Prepare Orange Peel Powder: Collect organic orange peels and allow them to dry completely. Once dried, grind them into a fine powder using a grinder or food processor.

  • Mix the Serum: In a small glass bowl, combine the orange peel powder and distilled water. Mix well to create a paste-like consistency. Add vegetable glycerin to the mixture. Glycerin helps lock in moisture and enhance the serum's texture.

  • Incorporate aloe vera gel for its soothing properties. Stir the mixture until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.

  • If desired, add a few drops of Vitamin E oil to provide an extra boost of nourishment and antioxidant protection.

  • Apply it generously in your AM and PM skin care routines.

DIY Vitamin C Face Pack Benefits

Each ingredient used in making the face pack has its benefits for the skin, and since all of them are natural products the risk of side effects is less.

1. Benefits of Orange Peels

  • The powder of orange peel is effective in protecting the skin from the UV radiation light.
  • It has anti-microbial properties.
  • Orange is a citrus fruit and citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. It, thus, lightens the skin tone.
  • The orange powder removes the dirt form the pores.
  • It acts as natural skin bleach and lightens the dark spots and acne marks.

2. Benefits of Honey

  • Honey is a natural moisturizer and keeps the skin supple and soft.
  • It fades away any signs of premature ageing.
  • Honey fights against acne breakouts

3. Benefits of Curd for Skin

  • The moisture in curd replenishes the skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Curd is used to exfoliate the skin because of its lactic acid.
  • Skin issues including tanning, blemishes, pigmentation and scars are taken care of with the use of curd.

4. Benefits of Turmeric for Skin

  • Turmeric powder or oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that solve many skin conditions.
  • It is a treatment for hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
  • Turmeric protects the skin from environmental damage.
  • It helps with skin conditions.

5. Benefits of Rose Water for Skin

  • Rose water cleanses the skin by removing dirt and debris.
  • It tightens the skin thus ensuring its elasticity.
  • It balances the sebum secretion of the skin.

Vitamin C Face Pack Safety and Precautions

Patch Test First: Perform a patch test before applying the face pack to your entire face. Apply a small amount of the mixture on a small area of your skin, preferably on the inner arm or behind the ear. Wait for 24 hours to check for any redness, itching, or irritation. If you experience any discomfort, avoid using the face pack.

Fresh and Quality Ingredients: Whether you're using store-bought or homemade products, ensure the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. Expired or low-quality ingredients might not provide the desired results and can even cause skin reactions.

Dilute for Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, consider diluting the face pack with a gentle ingredient like aloe vera gel or plain yogurt. This helps reduce the intensity of the treatment and lowers the risk of irritation.

Avoid Broken or Irritated Skin: Do not apply the face pack to areas with cuts, wounds, or highly irritated skin. Vitamin C can cause discomfort on such areas and delay the healing process.

Sun Protection Is Key: Vitamin C can make your skin more sensitive to the sun's rays. After using a face pack, apply sunscreen with a high SPF before stepping outside to shield your skin from potential sun damage.

Use Gradually on your skin: If you're new to using Vitamin C face packs, start with a shorter application time and gradually increase it. This helps your skin adapt and minimizes the risk of irritation.

Be Mindful of the Eye Area: Keep the face pack away from your eyes. The skin around the eyes is delicate and sensitive. If the face pack accidentally comes in contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Consult a Dermatologist: If you have skin conditions, allergies, or concerns, consult a dermatologist before incorporating a Vitamin C face pack into your routine. Professional guidance ensures you're making choices that suit your skin's unique needs.

Proper Storage: For homemade face packs, store any leftover mixture in a cool, dry place. Using a fresh batch each time ensures the efficacy of the ingredients.


In the realm of skincare, the allure of a Vitamin C face pack shines as a beacon of hope for those seeking radiant and rejuvenated skin. With the power of Vitamin C harnessed in a pack, you embark on a journey that merges science and nature, offering a canvas of benefits that go beyond ordinary skincare.

The benefits of a Vitamin C face pack are a testament to its transformative prowess. As you pamper your skin with this potent elixir, you nourish it with antioxidants that combat the effects of time and external aggressors. The promise of fading acne scars and blemishes becomes a reality, courtesy of the skin-brightening properties that Vitamin C generously bestows. 

Vitamin C pack for face is useful for skin health remedy. It is an antioxidant that protects the face from the effects of free radicals. A natural homemade face pack is easy to make and use. The face pack must contain ingredients rich in Vitamin C.

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