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Hydrosols 101: All You Need To Know About Our Natural Mists

What Are Hydrosols

These lightly scented mists are made with a balanced formula of potent botanicals and water, giving them a milder aroma than essential oils. Packed into a convenient spray bottle, they help you feel refreshed, nourished and soothed anytime, anywhere.

Hydrosols For Daily Concerns

Hydrosols For Skincare

Use Hydrosols for Daily Skincare Routine

Orange Blossom Hydrosol For Dry Skin
Moisturizing Orange Blossom Hydrosol is a hydrating mist that heals dry, flaky skin and lightly perfumes your skin to let your natural beauty shine through.

Blue Tansy For Breakouts
Rescue your skin with our ultra-soothing Blue Tansy Hydrosol. It clears breakouts, heals scars and restores blemish-free beauty in a spritz.

Bergamot For Cleansed Skin
Put your best face forward! A quick spritz of the zesty Bergamot Hydrosol allows you to enjoy fresh and naturally clean skin.

Hydrosols For Hair Care

Hydrosols for Hair Care Concerns

Peppermint Hydrosol For Dandruff
Cleansing peppermint hydrosol also helps eliminate itching and flaky scalp, giving you a clean and fresh feeling with its minty mist.

Rose Bulgaria Hydrosol For Nourished Scalps
Your hair is in good hands with Rose Bulgaria Hydrosol. It transforms dry, brittle hair, leaving it smooth and deeply conditioned.

Hydrosols To Elevate Your Mood

Hydrosols to Elevate Mood

Ylang Ylang Hydrosol To Perk Up Moods
With a sweet and floral scent, our ylang ylang hydrosol is a fragrance that helps you put worries aside as you enjoy its relaxing aroma.

Frankincense Hydrosol To Calm The Mind
Mild and calming, frankincense hydrosol has an earthy scent that grounds the senses and relieves anxiety.

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How To Use Hydrosols

Mist Them Over Your Face Or Skin

Whether you’re looking for a quick morning cleanup or a soothing cleanser to restore your skin, our compact hydrosols will keep your complexion fresh!

Spritz Them On Pillows

French lavender hydrosol is ideal for relaxing at any time of day, but it is especially soothing when sprayed on your bed or bath linens to help you unwind at night.

Spritz Around Rooms To Transform Spaces

Give your space a vacation vibe with zesty scents. Refresh your room ambiance with tropical lemon hydrosols or get re-energized before you start your morning grind.

Gya Labs Best-Selling Hydrosols

Spritz away bad vibes and everyday concerns with Gya Labs most best-selling hydrosols.

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