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Using Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Skin, Hair & Aromatherapy

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses for Skin, Hair, and Aromatherapy

Overview Of Juniper Berry Oil

Need to ease your body and mind? Juniper berry oil is full of comforting benefits for calm skin, relaxation, pain relief and more; perfect for carefree days every day. Read on to unpack all of its wonderful benefits and uses.

What Is Juniper Berry Essential Oil?

Pure juniper berry essential oil has many skincare and wellness benefits. After busy days, its relaxing aroma is great for settling the mind. The oil is also popular in shampoos and body washes. The spicy oil works its magic during showers, as it comforts your skin and fills your bathroom with a woodsy aroma reminiscent of cozy log cabins. It’s the perfect essential oil to spoil yourself!

Juniper berries originate from the cold mountaintops of Hungary, you’ll find the berries used to sweeten up bitter gins and create flavourful liquors! To create this comforting essential oil, Juniperus Communis fruits are harvested at high altitudes near the peaks of Hungarian alps. They are later steam distilled, which helps to capture the “essence” of the fruit’s scent and its soothing, skin-nourishing and relaxing properties for which it is prized.

Juniper Berries & Plant

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Benefits

Packed with comforting benefits, juniper berry oil is popular for soothing skin irritations, restoring beauty sleep and easing bloating. Read up on how this refreshing oil can be used for the body and mind here


It Helps To Soothe Skin Irritations

Juniper berry oil is ideal for comforting irritated skin, as it regulates hormones and leaves your skin less reactive to external aggressors. The herbaceous oil also unclogs pores and cleanses oily skin, soothing your skin and stopping breakouts before they leave a mark.


It Promotes Calm And Deep Sleep

Juniper berry oil has a distinct, fresh and relaxing scent that settles the mind. It has long been used in aromatherapy to create a calm ambiance for sleep and prevent nightmares. To enjoy its benefits, breathe in the fresh, woodsy aroma straight from the bottle before sleep or diffuse it to transform your bedroom into a stress-free haven.


It May Relieve Bloating And Digestive Issues

Juniper berry oil is a known diuretic which helps your body to naturally cleanse toxins. It also supports smoother digestion and promotes the movement of food through your digestive tract. The oil’s warm and spicy scent can also leave you feeling less nauseous and woozy.

Juniper Berry Oil Uses

Juniper Berry Essential Oil For Hair

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It Restores Full And Luscious Locks

Juniper berry oil is a fast-absorbing oil that renews hair growth and strengthens thinning strands. Just a few drops is enough to restore voluminous waves that leave others in envy. Blend 2‒3 drops of juniper oil into your favourite shampoo and massage the mixture into your scalp to see results!

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It Purifies Dandruff

Packed with antimicrobials, juniper oil cleanses scalps and purifies dandruff. It also contains moisturizing properties that prevent dryness which can lead to flaky buildup. Blend a drop of juniper oil with one tablespoon of warm carrier oil for a soothing anti-dandruff treatment.

How To Use Juniper Berry Oil

Now that you know juniper berry oil can ease congestion, relieve joint aches and support better focus, it’s time to explore the best way to enjoy its myriad of benefits.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil For Sinus and Nasal Congestion

Tired of waking up with a stuffy nose? A few drops of clarifying juniper oil is just what you need for fuss-free breathing! When diffused, 5‒6 drops of the oil is powerful enough to clear impurities, allergens and microbes from living spaces. It's best to use juniper oil to safeguard your loved ones, especially during springtime when flus and seasonal allergies hit.

The spicy oil also makes a good chest rub to support stronger breathing. Simply blend 12 drops of juniper oil with 2 tablespoons of melted shea butter for a warm vapor rub. Remember to pack a few of these homemade chest rubs for the little ones before school, especially on cold days!

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Juniper Berry Essential Oil For Pain Relief

The anti-inflammatories in juniper oil make it ideal for easing joint pain. It is also a natural remedy for calming swelling in ligaments, muscles and limbs. To power through long hikes and intense workouts, you can try our simple ache-relief gel recipe. Just blend 10 drops of juniper oil and 1oz of aloe vera gel together, apply the mixture topically for great relief.

Juniper berry oil also has added benefits for avid hikers. If you hurt yourself while hiking, the soothing oil can ease the sting from cuts and bruises. Simply dilute 2–3 drops of juniper oil in a spray bottle and spiritz it on the injured area. You’ll be healed and ready to go in no time!

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Blends

The herbaceous scent of juniper berry is ideal for supporting sleep and relaxation when diffused around spaces. Juniper oil blends well with scents that boost focus like lemon oil, sandalwood oil and wintergreen oil, especially when you’re looking to pull all nighters. Blend a few drops of these oils with 2‒3 drops of juniper oil to create a relaxing study space.

For a more cheerful ambiance, mix 2‒3 drops of juniper oil and bergamot oil each in a diffuser to uplift moods. The citrusy aroma will transform your space into a tropical spa and remind you of happy holidays.

Safety When Using Juniper Berry Oil

Essential oils are great for self-care routines. However, we should also take care and caution when using them to keep ourselves and loved ones safe! Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Read the label and instructions to make sure you’re using the oil correctly.
  2. Make sure to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil for safe application.
  3. Avoid using essential oils on sensitive areas like the eyes and nose.
  4. Don’t apply it on broken skin either unless it’s mentioned on the bottle or label.
  5. Keep it out of reach of kids and furkids.
  6. Some oils may make you sensitive to sun damage, so be sure to load up on SPF.
  7. If you show signs of irritation, stop use and consult a health professional.

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