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Gya Labs Bodycare Collection: The Essential Guide

Overview of Bodycare Essential

Give your body some much loving TLC from head to toe! Read on to discover more about our bodycare essentials and how they can nourish your skin.

Gya Labs Bodycare Essentials

Pamper yourself from head to toe with these collections of bodycare essentials. These nourishing massage oils and carrier oils help keep your skin ultra-soft with a dewy glow. They have a fast-absorbing texture to deeply nourish your skin without leaving any greasy residue.

Essential Oil for Massage & Bodycare

Gya Labs Massage Oils

Indulge in a relaxing massage to rub away any tension in the mind and body with these massage oils. They are packed with potent botanical ingredients that are great for maintaining optimum skin health during massages.

Gyalabs Carrier Oils

Gya Labs Carrier Oils

Harvested from the seeds and nuts of plants, carrier oils are rich in fatty acids and vitamins, making them the perfect, natural moisturizers for our skin. These skin-loving oils can also calm irritated skin and repair damaged skin barriers to restore skin health.

Gyalabs Lavender Hand Creams

Gya Labs Hand Creams

Infused with an abundance of soothing florals, hand creams are ultra-soft and deeply hydrating to keep your skin smooth & nourished in all weather conditions. They’re also great for keeping your hands clean with protective, antibacterial silver oxide.

Best Skin-Friendly Products

Quench your skin’s thirst and provide them with ample skin lovin’ with these wonderfully nourishing natural oils.

Best Oils For Dry Skin

Dry, chapped skin can happen to the best of us, especially during the cold winter months. All you need to do to alleviate these skin discomforts is regularly apply these nourishing plant oils to keep your skin happy.

Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil for Dry Skin

Jojoba Oil for Dry Skin

Our Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil is a rejuvenating oil to boost hair health, moisturize skin to dewy perfection, and strengthens nails for an overall blessed look.

Discover Jojoba Carrier Oil

Rosehip Carrier Oil for Dry Skin

Rosehip Oil for Dry Skin

Renew your skin with our Organic Rosehip Carrier Oil. This gentle carrier oil helps to fade scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and signs of aging for a fresh, youthful complexion.

Discover Rosehip Carrier Oil

Natural Oils For Skincare

When it comes to skincare, natural, botanical ingredients are your best bet at getting that desired blemish-free complexion. Their non-comedogenic properties even make them safe and gentle for sensitive skin.

Carrot Seed Oil for Face

Carrot Seed Oil for Face

Our Carrot Seed Oil helps to protect skin from sun damage and nourish it to sun-kissed radiance. It’s also rejuvenating for dry hair and itchy scalps caused by air pollutants.

Discover Carrot Seed Carrier Oil

Argan Carrier Oil for Skincare

Argan Oil for Skincare

If your skin is prone to inflammations and flare-ups, this carrier oil is just right for you. Known also as “liquid gold”, our Argan Carrier Oil is perfect for troubled and sensitive skin.

Discover Argan Carrier Oil

Oils For A Relaxing Massage

A full-body massage is just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy a pain-relieving rubdown while these moisturizing, fragrant oils take your mind and body on a relaxing journey.

Destressing Massage Oil

Destressing Massage Oil

Crafted with relaxing Rose, Argan & Lavender oils, this spa-like oil is perfect for soothing away stress and anxiety in your mind, while easing out tenseness in your neck or shoulders.

Discover Destressing Massage Oil

Soothing Massage Oil

Soothing Massage Oil

Infused with menthol and spiced natural extracts that improve blood flow, our Soothing Massage Oil is a perfect remedy to soothe body aches, fatigue and muscle tenseness.

Discover Soothing Massage Oil

Organic, Natural Oils Versus Essential Oils

Organic oils are derived through the cold-pressing of seeds and nuts. Unlike essential oils, they are not volatile and do not evaporate easily. On the other hand, essential oils are natural essences from plants obtained through the steam-distillation process. Due to their highly potent compounds, they could cause skin irritation when used neat on the skin. To use essential oils safely, dilute them with carrier oils before applying them on your skin.

Gya Labs Best Selling Bodycare Products

Take good care of your skin with these skin-loving carrier oils or relaxing massage oils!

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