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Organic Argan Oil

Carrier Oil
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Organic Argan Oil
Carrier Oil
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Argan oil has been in use for ages in Morocco. It is from the argan trees, erstwhile found in Southwest Morocco. It was first a popular culinary staple, but with time, its medical marvels gained even more popularity. No wonder it is called the liquid gold from Morocco.

  • It is applied on the hair to improve hair growth and thickness.
  • It is massaged on joints and muscles to relieve pain and swelling.
  • It is used in cooking, not just for its flavor, but also to improve heart health.
  • It is applied on the skin to maintain its elasticity.
  • Argan oil is rich in vitamin E needed for maintaining hair health.
  • It has antimutagenic properties. (However, more research is needed to ascertain this property.)
  • This oil may fasten the healing process of the body.
  • It may prevent diabetes. (Again, more research is needed to ascertain this property.

Here are more benefits & uses of this powerful oil.

Main Constituents

Oleic and linoleic acids.

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Properties of Organic Argan

How To Use Organic Argan oil

For decades, Moroccans have used argan oil in their cooking, not just because of its mild, nutty flavour, but also because of its vast range of possible health advantages. Here are some ways to use this essential oil:


Organic Argan Essential Oil Uses

Organic argan carrier oil has some impressive therapeutic properties. Let us look at some of its uses:

Organic Argan oil Blends With


Organic Argan oil Blends With

Organic argan oil blends well with essential oils and carrier oils.

Organic Argan Oil Extracted

Organic Argan Oil Extracted

Drying the fruit of the argan tree, removing the nuts, breaking them to expose the kernels, and crushing them to release the oil are all steps in the process. A thick argan paste is produced as a byproduct of the pressing process, which is marketed locally for purely cosmetic reasons.

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