When it comes to versatility, Lemon is an amazing ingredient with more than 100 decades of ancient history. Christopher Columbus, the famed Italian maritime explorer introduced the fragrant yellow citrus to the land of America from his return voyage from the Caribbean Islands in 1493. Surprisingly to know; the ancestor of Grapefruit was also brought into the West-Indies of Caribbean by Britain ship commander, Captain Shaddock. Furthermore, both fruits originated from Asia and belongs to citrus genus; flourished in the sun-bathed valleys of Florida and California since 19th century. The refreshing and revitalizing scent of Lemon blends superbly with Grapefruit’s sweet and citrusy aroma, granting them predominant status in the culinary arts, natural therapeutic remedies and cleaning commodities.

Crowned one of the most prominent herbs used in the culinary arts nowadays, Peppermint is an aromatic herb that flourishes in the moist, wild habitats of North America and Europe. Believed to be originated from Mediterranean; the herb is famed for its Greek folklore where the plant nymph Minthe, Hades’ secret lover was punished by Persephone and brought back to life by Hades as the Mentha piperita plant. Interestingly, it came across that Rosemary was from a similar Greek legend. Known as “Dew of the Sea” due to its fondness of water; it is often associated with the Greek love goddess Aphrodite, born in the sea from the foam of the sky god Uranus. With the blend of cooling menthol from Peppermint and Rosemary’s woody evergreen aroma, they are applied in day-to-day culinary cooking as well as herbal tonics.

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Lemon nourishes blemished skin and hydrates cracked surfaces of epidermis, reducing damages due to free-radicals with its antioxidant properties.

Grapefruit improves blood circulation in the body, boosting up your inner metabolism which is responsible for weight loss and weight control.

Peppermint emanates a cooling sensation, soothing respiratory conditions and improve nasal congestions from unpredictable weather.

Rosemary reduces the body’s cortisol levels, protecting it from oxidative stress.

Pine Needle as a natural energizer to the mind and body assists in relieving physical and mental fatigue, improving your focus and alertness.


Shake well before use to fully blend the oils. Dispense a small amount of oil into warm hands. Rub hands together, gently massage in sweeping movements towards the heart.

Alternatively, add a little to running bath water, taking care as the bath may be slippery.