Roman Chamomile


Exuding middle notes with a warm, sweet, crisp, apple-like fruity and herbaceous scent that is famed for inducing relaxation and comfort.



Roman Chamomile

Cooling and calming to the mind and body.

The powers of the Chamomile, long rated and prized since the times of the ancient Romans and Egyptians for its cooling effects, it was widely used as a remedy to soothe the spirit. With more than a million cups of Chamomile tea being sipped daily, the flowers of this herbal plant is no stranger for its soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits. Our Roman Chamomile are steam distilled from the fresh flowers cultivated in the picture-perfect temperate regions of Hungary.

Revel in the simple, unpretentious yet deeply healing benefits of the pure Gya Labs™ Roman Chamomile Hydrosol today.


Deeply calming, it lulls the spirit and is a gentle herb that helps put you to a state of restful sleep.

Bask in the afterglow of radiant skin and healthy glowing hair - the Roman Chamomile makes a super beautifying elixir known to soothe irritated skin.

Low in spirits or feeling high-strung? The mild and sweet fragrance adds to its calming effects and is suitable even for children.

Roman Chamomile evokes a restful ambience while being antibacterial, purifying your surroundings and enhancing your restive state.


With its radiance-boosting ingredients so that your skin will look fresh and rejuvenated in photos, mist it gently onto your face and skin or combine it as part your daily skin toner.

For smooth and delicate sweet-smelling hair and body, mix a little with your shampoo or blend while or after showering for a lingering sweet scent.

Mist away in your bedroom, on your pillows and bed and extend it to your living areas, and evoke rest and a night of peaceful slumber.

Diminish the blues away and lift your spirits - spray a dose of calmness around you to relax as you lie down in peace and serenity.