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Sleep Blend
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Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage

Sleep soundly night after night after night with this calming dream team! An ultra-relaxing blend to wash away worries and soothe you to peaceful beauty sleep.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Calms stress & tension
  • Relieves headaches & body aches

Sleep Blend
Blend Essential Oil
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About This Product
How To Use
Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Sleep Essential Oil Blend?

Release Sleep Essential Oil Blend’s therapeutic benefits through a diffuser, humidifier or on a candle top before bed. To keep its relaxing benefits going through the night, add it to pillows, sheets and linens, or dilute with Carrier Oils and rub on your chest & temples.


What does Sleep Essential Oil Blend do for my health and what are its aromatherapy benefits and what is it good for?

Our Sleep Essential Oil Blend is a blend of soothing oils for the mind, emotion and sleep, including Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. When blended together, this relaxing bedtime ritual helps to calm your mind for better, more peaceful sleep.


What essential oils help you sleep?

Sleep Essential Oil Blend is formulated with essential oils that are individually good for sleep such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage. This soothing-blend helps to remedy different causes of sleeplessness for sweeter slumbers. 


How to use essential oils with sleep?

Add about 1-2 drops of essential oils to a bath of hot water or diffuser, to help calm your senses and prepare you for deeper slumbers. Diffuse calming essential oils throughout your home to enjoy a good night’s rest.

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